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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

15 Things Every Online Shopping Addict Will Understand!

Online Shopping Addicts Unite!

Today I wanted to give you a little laugh or at least a smile to begin or end your day! So it's no surprised for many that I love online shopping! I would rather do that then go to an actual store because  I mean...the lines are seriously not necessary! With so many new things arriving online everyday like the Nordstrom Sale Anniversary that I mentioned or the New Kylie Jenner Eyeshadow palette being sold today at 6pm est(check your time zone) it's no wonder why we liked to shop at 2am in the morning. Oh wait just me Mmmmkay! So here are 10 common things I (I mean shopping addicts) will understand!
Pin this if you can relate haha!

1.You haven't stepped a foot inside a clothing store in forever but your closet is packed!

2.You've sat  on Instagram scrolling up and down your favorite Stores feed just daydreaming of wearing every last piece from their newest collections.

3.You've gotten used to sitting in your pj's or laid in bed scrolling checking for cute new items.

4.You've added over $100 of clothing to your cart so now you seriously have to figure out what you need and what you definitely can wait on.

5.Every time your favorite store emails you, you get a slight pitter patter in your heart.

6.You immediately click on the new sales section because you know they got some bomb deals!

7.That 5 to 9 day wait is excruciating pain but you refuse to pay anymore than $5 for shipping.

8.Yet you've questioned the need for a shipping fee at all and whether you should buy anything at all.
9.You even debate going the extra mile to get that free shipping because why not!

10. The feeling you get when you have to delete something out of your cart....breath, breath!

11. Every time you see an sales ad  you quickly open a second tab, you know just in case.

12. For all the hottest trends you know your favorite store got you covered for the low low!

13. You've left the house on more than one occasion without realizing everything you have on is literally from online.

14. That point in your life where you should totally be the spokesperson for your favorite online store...Forever 21  Hi, I'm here when you need me!

15. On more than one occasion since reading this you've been tempted to open up a new tab to go shop!!!

Which of these do you agree with?

What is your favorite online store to shop at?

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Monday, July 25, 2016

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! It's Shopping Season!

#NSALE is Happening

Nordstrom is having an anniversary and we are all invited!!! I haven't shopped at Nordstrom before but I feel an itch in my wallet and I want to shop! There are sales on old and new arrivals with items from your favorite brands! I would love to get something from IVY Park. Some of those are up to 50% off! Here are some of my faves and maybe you'll find some favorites as well! Shop the  Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with me!


Nordstrom Fashion Favorites

Tops Galore! I'm in love with body suits, tassels, crop tops and tunics for the summer! These pieces can be transitioned into the fall wish is ultimately the best shopping buy ever! 


 Bottoms Up! Can't have tops with out bottom! Check out some cool new ways to wear culottes or jeans skirts. Add some prints to your wardrobe to mix it up!

Easy Breezy Dresses and Jumpsuits! I've been loving flowy dresses and jumpsuits especially on the hot summer days! Try out some maxi dresses or denim with fringe for a change up in your regular basics!


Nordstrom Accessories and Handbags Favorites

Get a Handle on it! Check out some cute deals that you can't miss! If you are still planning on going to the beach why not get a cute backpack! Feeling a little quirky bananas purse!

It's a Shoe in! I'm in love with these pom  pom sandles!  If you have a little extra cash why not get your hands on those and some sliders! Check out my 30 Casual Outfits to Wear this Summer for ways to wear these fun pieces!

Accessorize your Style! Sunglasses have become even better with the new Mirrored Glasses from Quay! Fall in love with hats all over again and transition to fall with some scarves! Add fun pieces to make a basic look stand out!

 The sale ends August 8 so start racking up for school, college, work, everything!!! I created a Pinterest Board of all my favorites and some you didn't find here. I'll be updating it daily so you can always be informed! Click here!
 I'm loving these 2 OOTD's to transition from Summer to Fall!

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Are you planning on shopping at Nordstrom?
Do you have your eye on something from above?

Saturday, July 23, 2016

30 Summer Outfits to Wear According to Pinterest

Pinterest Worthy Summer Outfits

Today I'm back with a new fashion post all about summer! I love summer most of all because of all the OOTD possibilities we as women get t come up with #blessed! Summer Outfits are searched on a daily basis on Pinterest so I thought why not bring 30 of my favorites right here! I'll be showing you some of the trends of the summer such as the off the shoulder shirts, to pom pom sandals outfit ideas!

30 Outfits To Rock before Summer Ends!

Pinterest casual outfits for the summer

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

How to Build Your Confidence While Suffering with Depression

10 Ways to Boost Confidence while Depressed!

Boost Confidence while suffering from Depression

Building self esteem while going through depression. I never knew this was possible. I always thought once I get out of the depression I would finally build myself back up. Always telling myself "when I get out of depression I can move forward." Never in a million years would I think I could do it now while I was still depressed.

I'm not afraid to tell you what I'm going through. I've talked about it several times in multiple posts.(I'll leave a link below to many) It may make for a sad post but I always leave you with something positive and uplifting because that's how I am in my everyday life. I like to see things in a positive way. Although I'm going through a tough mental war right I know my blessings. I know that there is positivity even in the darkest place. I don't feel afraid to share with you my struggle with depression, low self esteem, etc. because I know so many of you may be going through the same thing. I want to come to you while I am in my mess. I want to show you that you can overcome it too and always making sure to let you know you are not alone one bit! Today I wanted to share with you some tips on actually working on your self-esteem while still going through depression. I actually seen a pinterest infographic on this late last night that prompted me to write this. Because it was so knew to me. To think I could actually work on myself while I'm depressed that's mind blowing to me! However I do believe it's possible. Just think by working on yourself now it will make for an easier transition for you when you are back to your happy state. You know what maybe it'll make you less likely to revert back so quickly! I'm not saying that for just you...but for me too! 

Self-Confidence quotes

The tips I give you are also tips I'll be doing as well. So don't feel like you are doing this all alone. Pick one or two things off of the list and make up in your mind to just do them. That's the first step to overcoming depression and gaining confidence  in yourself.

This is the one thing I feel really helps you gain that confidence you need to keep going. Come up with your own sayings or reach into the bible and find some awesome scriptures! "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" will always stick in my head for some reason...but I know the reason is to help me every step of my journey here on earth.

Write a to do list!
I've been wanting to do this. I've also been wanting to make a schedule for myself each day just to give me a reason to get up instead of laying in bed all day like I've been doing for the last couple of days. I have to learn that sleeping will not change my situation. It will only keep me in the same dispair. Find a way to accomplish your to do list. Even if it's just one thing on there make it practice to get sh*t done ;)

Like I said laying in bed is not gonna solve anything. Get up and get moving. Taking walks is always one of my best ways of getting out of a slump. Exercising of any kind naturally brings out the happy trait in anyone...why not get happy and get in shape all at the same time, multipurpose bonus!

Boost Confidence while Depressed

These are my top 3 tips that has helped me in my passed but I encourage you to also check out my own list of confident boosters! I'm sure you will fine one thing that you can do each day to help gain back the confidence you deserve...Goodluck you got this!

Check out my other post about Depression 
and how to deal with it!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

How to Get Rid of Low Self-Esteem and Finally Gain Confidence!

Is it possible to Gain Confidence when you've always had low self-esteem?

Becoming a confident person isn't a one and done type of deal! It's a process that you have to constantly work on. No one can give you that confidence. You have to make up in your mind that you deserve to love every part of YOUR BEING! Yes you have flaws, yes you make mistakes, and yes we fail sometimes but that's what is a part of you being here on this earth is for! You have to learn to accept the things we can't change and change the things we can.

This past couple of months as I've stated in previous post has been quite a struggle. From dealing with worthlessness to dealing with my past failures and the present's been tough! I'm not afraid to tell you! However as of today I'm stopping the mental process of discouraging myself and finally breaking free of what has held me bound for so long! Will this process be easy....HECK NO!!! Will I constantly revert to my insecurities...HECK YES! It's not easy taking what has been stuck in your head for so long and trying to change it. Nobody...but you can change how you see your life.

Sometimes we have to get tough on ourselves.

I'm going to make you so proud - note to self

Why  I'm finally making it a process to change?
Well I've found myself allowing my mind to over think about situations, people, and my past. I've allowed what people say hurt me to my very core. I've allowed past situations to have a profound effect on me. I allowed my passion to take a back burner, My goals and dreams laid in a corner tucked away from my insecure mind. I didn't like who I was becoming. I became desperate for love and compassion from anybody and everyone that I forgot that I'm the only person that can give me 100% accurate love. I want to become confident in myself for me...not for anyone else!

What I'm not gonna do.
I'm not gonna become an egocentric person that lives on tearing people down that have insecurities. Instead I will build them up and make them feel worthy even through a smile, compliment or gesture. Sometimes the problem with some overly confident people is that they have come from an insecure past and they feel as though they must point out every flaw in someone who is still trying to work on themselves. This world is so full of hate and I just want to spread love. That's why I will never bully or pick on someone even if you think it will won't!

If you are feeling the same way and have gotten fed up on living a life filled with insecurities, past hurts, present struggles then you are standing in an army filled with love and compassion. Make the decision in the comments below to change for the better!

How to gain confidence every day

I challenge you!
I challenge you to write out all of your strengths. What are you good at? If it's only one thing write it down and then perfect the mess out out of it! Everyone has something they are good at! Whether it's writing, photography, talking, listening, giving advice, fashion, make up, or even just the simple things as loving people(not many  people can love without judgment).
At the start of the day or week write out a to-do list of things you would like to accomplish for that day or week. By writing and checking out every achievement on your list you are adding another visible boost to your confidence!

Talk to different people!
I'm constantly surrounded by new people everyday  and this has really helped me gain confidence in talking. However I want to get better at small talk so this is what I want to achieve each week. Most people are super friendly and even if they aren't...hey you tried and that's all that matters! Keep a smile on your face and keep it moving!

Try something new and exciting!
Find group activities to get involved with! This is one thing I really want to work on. Even if I have to go outside of my small town to find those group activities. Getting out and about and trying new things lets your mind see that you are actually DOING SOMETHING to overcome the insecure mind. The mind has to adjust to new things whether it likes it or have total control!

Be spontanous!
Stop saying no to everything and get out and do it! You'll never know what you are capable of until you just try. I'm speaking to myself with this one too! I've turned down opportunities and parties, and get-togethers because I was not confident in myself to go out and just have fun. Go out and have fun stop overthinking and live in the moment.

Body language.
Good body language is a must in establishing confidence with others. I used to hate looking people in the eye or smiling at someone. Now I'll burn a hole in your eye sockets haha just kidding! I've learned to work on my body language. Sometimes I find myself reverting back into a little ball when I get nervous but I have learn to stretch it out, get my posture together, stop fidgeting, and just breath. There's  power in just breathing!

Inhale confidence exhale doubt

There is so much more to learn with confidence so during this month I'll be helping you as well as myself take back our minds and be on our way to a more confident self! Like I said it's a big freaking process that takes a while but each day it gets a little easier. Each step is a step of confidence. Each positive thought is a thought that will save you from a life filled with overthinking, sadness, and depression. Will you still have bouts of discouragement...yes. However, remember its ok to feel that way because WE ARE HUMAN and as a HUMAN we can also overcome it!

What do you need to work on in order to be confident in yourself?
Tell me in the comments below!

Friday, July 1, 2016

4th of July Weekend Sales You Need to Know Now!!!

4th of July Weekend Sales

I'm finally back today with a Hunt 4 Fashion deals worthy of spending some cold hard cash!!! We all know when there's a holiday there is always a sale! So I thought I would share with you some spend-worthy deals that will have you either in your pjs shopping late at night(#me) or out and about with the squad...Your Welcome!

Monday, June 27, 2016

How to Deal with Feeling Lost in Your 20's

I always thought my teen years was my most trying years yet but girl was I wrong...

Feeling Stuck
Feeling Suffocated
Feeling Confused
Feeling Insecure
Feeling Lost
You've just been dropped out into a big a$$ world without a road map insight...
welcome to your 20's!

Our 20's has to be the most toughest times yet. From figuring out whether we should go to college or not. What happens after college. What about jobs, friendships, relationships, and adult responsibilities! Yes we all make fun of ourselves when we say we are #adulting but in our 20's that's literally what we are doing. We are coming from a child like mindset to an adult mindset and sometimes even at 25(like myself) we still have that kid mindset!
5 Things that Run through our minds
 in our 20's.
Things that run through your mind as a young adult
 1. Can I do anything right! This goes through my mind on an everyday basis but lets be honest we are all learning, failing, trying again and failing miserably. Sometimes we get it right but most times we just have to live and learn.

2. Sometimes I just feel alone. Older adults don't get us and teenagers are into there own things. Who are we to talk to about our frustrations. I guess that's why we need our squad to pull us through!

3. What the heck do I want in life? We are constantly chasing something but don't exactly know what that something is.

4. Why do I have so much anxiety all of a sudden. Sometimes we cry way more times than the average human being at this age and our anxiety seems to make us think we are a crazy we need pills for this!

5. I wish things could just be simpler. Where is a road map to life when you need one! You have know idea where to go so you would rather just wrap yourself up in a blanket and cradle yourself.

As I stated before I'm 25 and it still feels like I'm a teen stuck inside an adult doesn't help the fact that Im so short and people still thing I'm 15! Besides that I have my loving family that still wants to leave me feeling as though I can't take care of myself because you guessed I'm the baby of the family. All of this has left me feeling a bit distant from feeling like an adult. I see everyone else who is my age and I just worry I'll never be at their level. I've always felt as though I've been a tad behind in life from everyone else. How do I transition to being an adult-Jasmine aka Me!

This new chapter that we are living, it's hella scary! We are scared of our dreams, we are confused at what path to take. We are afraid of judgement, new responsibilities and pressure. We are in, what we call, the quarter-life crisis! So how do we move passed the insecurities and make it through this confusing stage?

5 things to remember
while being in your 20's
How to deal with feeling lost as a young adult

1. We don't need to figure everything out  right now.
We are still in the growing phase. We still make mistakes because we are constantly learning. We thought school was hard, oh no, this is way worse.

2. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, why not focus on everything that could go right. We all know what we could fail at instead lets figure out what could go right for once besides we have enough negativity in the world. I seen this quote somewhere and thought it was quite fitting: Choose to be lost in your dreams!

3. It's ok to be uncomfortable!
We don't know what we are doing. I mean sure some do (I'll forever envy you) but a lot of us don't! It's ok to not know. You'll be afraid but just do it anyways!

4. You are young there is no need to settle!
Keep figuring yourself out. Don't just settle for mediocrity. Strive for anything and everything if you fail at something get back up and do something else.

5. Lastly we are all different and we have our own paths. No need to compare yourself to others at your age. Compare yourself to your younger you. What can you do for yourself that will make you better than you was before.

I know our 20's is hard and I'm still trying to learn this concept. Life can't be easy for eveyone. For those that have a harder life just think of it this must really have an amazing adventure ahead of you to be going through so much crap now. Keep your head up and keep striving never settling for greatness! 

Remember to take a moment out of your day to relax, breath, and live in the moment. Your 20' is only here for a second make it, succeed, lose, win...It's ok to be lost in your 20's!

Are you feeling this way now?
How are you helping yourself cope with realities of being in your 20's?

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Girls Guide: Are You Ready for Bikini Season?

Get Bikini Ready?

Summer is almost here and for many of us that can be quite a daunting journey to accept! With bathing suit season right around the corner we begin our path of getting the perfect body. Eating food begins to look like a war between love and hate. Exercising seems to be a horrific and unforgiving task. We want the beach bod that we see on every cover of SELF magazine. Every magazine has the top story in bold pretty colors..."Get Your Best Body in 14 days" or "How to get flat abs in time for summer." 

We are immediately enamored by the magazine so we pick it up, we buy it, and we go home to read it. We get our favorite snack and beverage and its time to sit down and read. As we look through that magazine we begin to look at ourselves in a different light. "Why am I so fat," Why cant I look like her...she's perfect." Then we get to the headline we've been waiting for "How to Get a Beach Bod in 14 Days...." As we read we get pumped its time to make a plan. We have to have a flat ab by June 21...when summer begins in the U.S. We have to get those toned arms in order for that beach top to look fab in pictures. We have to have that thigh gap for the perfect insta-worthy pic! Crops wouldn't be complete without those J-Lo abs..right?!

My Story...My Ending!

For so long I have struggled with my weight, with my self portrayal of what real beauty was. When I was younger I would starve myself for hours on in just to say I had 500 calories for the day. My stomach would be growling like a bear but I thought....that was progress. When I didn't see progress I would eat and eat and eat until I stuffed myself almost to the point of sickness. Eating has always been my struggle and this past year I noticed my eating has increased. Maybe it was stress maybe it was because I just didn't want to care any more, oh but I cared so much. I just want to be skinny I tell myself. This week I'll do better, this will be the day that I change. I will be skinny...I WILL! I dont know how many times I have said that...but today on the first of June I'M DONE! 

Forget those magazines that's telling you to lose weight. Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to look a certain way. The pressure is all around you but don't let it affect you. If you want to lose weight that's fine, if you want to be healthy that's even better, if you just want to eat all day thats ok but please I beg of you...DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP ABOUT IT! You are human you have the right to eat that donut maybe even 2. We all should be healthy but the first step to being healthy is LOVING YOURSELF! Once you are able to do that then will you be able to focus on losing weight for health reasons not to become this idea of what beauty is.

 Beauty is whatever you are right now!
 As thick or as skinny as you are right now...YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 

Instead of focusing on losing weight for summer, practice loving yourself! Exercise your ability to look in the mirror and see beauty. Nourish yourself with words of kindness for yourself. Soon you'll shed those pounds of insecurities. Soon you'll shed those inches of judgment put on by yourself. Soon you'll see the beauty that is within. Soon you'll see the real loving you!

Gain Confidence this Summer!
I challenge you  to focus on at least one of these for the entire summer months!
1. Try not to focus on other peoples bodies.
2. Instead focus on everything that you love about your body!
3.Each day compliment yourself every morning and even every night!
4. Do things that make you happy.
5. Love yourself right now not what or who you could be.

"My whole message is to love who you are and accept all your beautiful imperfections. When I felt I was slipping into unloving territory with myself, I knew I had to listen to my own advice and  correct it" -Kesha

How have you learned to love the body you are in?

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Fun Ways to Make the Summer Awesome!

30 Fun Ways to Enjoy Summer before it gets Cold!

Summer is here and you literally have only a couple of months before its gone as quick as it came! So lets make the most out of it with fun and exciting activities. Call your girls, your boys, your family and make this summer the best one yet! Call it your summer bucket list if you want but I think these ideas are just a fun way of enjoying the summer! So without further adieu here are fun things to do this summer!

Summer Bucket List1. Spend a day at the waterpark
What better way of getting some sun and water!
2. Go stargazing
This is super romantic with your Significant Other!

3. Go to a Drive in Movie
Take it back a couple of years and go see a movie at a drive in or at a park!

4. Have a bonfire
Bonfires are everything on chilly nights.

5. Go camping in your backyard
Seriously don't have to worry about bears or anything jumping out at ya!

6. Have a picnic
Ahhh here comes the ants but hey it's still so fun to do!

7. Do a Pinterest DIY
You've been wanting to do a bit of DIY'ing why not try now!

8. Find an ice cream truck and get some ice cream
That sound of an ice cream truck is so precious!

9. Have a backyard bbq
Hot dogs and hamburgers...yummm!

10. Take a road trip
Get out the 90's playlist and get on the road! 

11. Recreate tumblr poses and take pics
Let's get tumblr-fide and post it!

12. Binge Watch Disney Flicks
Need I say more...Go!

13. Swim during the Night
It's fun to swim during the day but so much sneakier during the night hehe!

14. Take a bike ride
Wind in the hair, sunnies on and a gorgeous view...yes please!

15. Watch the Sunrise
Ahhh watch that sunrise as you sip on your coffee!

16. Attend a baseball game
Take me out to the ball game please!

17. Pull an all nighter with friends
Sleepovers are hella fun even as adults!

18. Attend an outdoor concert
Why be indoors when you can be outdoors!

19. Read an interesting book all the way
Finally read all of the Harry Potter Books you've been collecting throughout the years!

20. Eat popsicles
Uhhh its popsicles...Eat!

21. Go on a spontaneous adventure
Just get in the car and go! Explore new places but be careful too!

22. Ride a kayak 
Got a lake near by then get a kayak.

23. Participate in a color run
Exercise has never been so colorful and fun all at the same time...sign me up!

24. Go to a rave
Dancing like crazy, laser lights feeling the room, and music blaring so loud...I'll take that!

25. Spend all day at the beach or lake
Who doesn't love the beach.

26. Go fishing
Go catch a fish but throw it back...hehe that's what I'll do!

27. Play mini golf
Cute date with the Mr!

28. Visit a trampoline Park
Jumpin, Jumpin!

29. Keep a journal for the whole summer
Diaries were fun when we were younger, let's create summer memories.

30. Go Ziplining
Scared of hights time to overcome it this summer!

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Easiest Swimsuit Style Guide for Every Body Type!

How to Find the Best Swimsuit to Rock This Summer

I've always been the type to stray away from any type of swimsuit that involved showing skin. As I get more comfortable with my body I'm learning what would look best on me! I even found the most adorable yet classically sexy monokini that just has me itching to get back to the beach! It's no need to hide under cover ups anymore! Show off your accents in a more flattering way with these tips!

Pear- (smaller at the top and curvier at the bottom)

Perfect Style
Go for printed tops and dark plain bottoms to draw the eyes upwards. Be even bolder by trying plunging necklines to keep the eyes up. Go for high wasted bottoms.

Things to Avoid
Avoid prints on your bottoms and boy shorts it will make your hips look bigger.

Apple- (Bigger on top and smaller on the bottom)

Perfect Style
To take attention away from your top half try mix-matching your tops and bottoms. Go for a plain top and  printed bottom. Go for wide straps to make your shoulders appear slimmer and To show off your legs go for high wasted bottoms! Find bra's in darker colors and structured so  that it will support your bust and make you appear smaller.

Things to Avoid
Skip skinny straps

Athletic- (straight down figure with narrow hips and smaller bust)

Perfect Style
Go for details such as frills, fringe, gathering, or embellishments this will give the illusion of a curvier body. Find triangle tops and details at the bottom to create a curvier figure.

Things to Avoid
Many athletic body types have long torsos skip the one piece swimsuit! Skip the bandeaus because it will flatten you.

Hourglass- (curvier on top and bottom with a smaller waist)

Perfect Style
With an hourglass figure you can get away with a lot of swimsuits. Vintage style swimsuits works great for showing off your figure girl! Cut outs on the side will also make you look curvalicious!

Things to Avoid
Don't mix-match it will make your body look disproportioned! Instead match your tops to your bottoms and vice versa

Pin to Remember!

Tips for Specific Areas!
Big Bust-go for extra support with thick straps and underwire
Small Bust-go for ruffles and details with extra padding
Flat bum-think frills and ruching  with bright colors and prints. Get a little cheeky for extra volume
Big bum-go for dark bottoms with enough fabric to wrap your derriere up
Tummy-go for high wasted bottoms that hides your belly button #nomuffintop
Short torso-go for low wasted bottoms and halter tops
Back fat-thick straps and high backs are the way to go
Broad shoulders-go for solids with printed panels and asymmetric necklines
Short Legs-go for higher cuts where the legs are, you can even go for a thong #embarrassedemojiface
Full Thighs-go for bottoms with skirts and boy shorts

This guide isn't about hiding your "flaws" its about showcasing your body in a way that makes you feel incredibly confident! Find a swimsuit that makes you feel confident and if its on the things to avoid list heck wear it anyways! You can rock anything when you feel confident in your own skin! So pick a swimsuit that will work for you now...not later. Go with a trusted friend and get constructive criticism for picking the right one and don't forget to rock it with confidence! I found my swimsuit and I hope you do too!
What body part do you want to show off this summer?

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