9 Reasons to Join Facebook Groups

Today I'm sharing all about why Facebook Groups are super essential for 2017..why because you want to get more views and engagement, right?! Let's get into the 9 Reasons why Facebook Groups are Essential for your blog!

Facebook groups is a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals that share your points of views. They are one of the best ways to grow your blog or business.

Facebook groups is a great way to connect with other like-minded individuals that share your points of views. They are one of the best ways to grow your blog or business. Here are solid reasons why you need to join a facebook group now!

1. Facebook Pages are becoming Obsolete!

Let's be honest with all these algorithms changing all the time you need something that is never changing and that's Facebook groups! Facebook makes it very difficult for small bloggers to get noticed online by hiding our pages from everyone...sneaky bats! I'll continue to post on my Facebook page sharing Instagram post, tidbits into my life, and blogpost but Facebook groups are where it's at! I'll leave Facebook pages for Advertising!

2. Facebook Groups builds Real Relationships!

I've met so many people through Facebook groups! You can get in touch with like minded people that care about you. We help each other, we ask for advice, we support one another and that my friends...is how you network and create real relationships!

3. Collaborations!

Yep it's so much easier to collab with other bloggers! A lot of Facebook groups have Collab days where you can ask for collaborations, it's a beautiful thing! No more cold emailing people in the hopes of someone answering back!

4. Learn and Help Others!

This is my favorite part of Facebook Groups, you get to ask questions and help others too! If I need advice they are the first one's I go to! If someone is having some trouble I give advice too! Become a person of good reputation in Facebook groups. You'll be looked at as not only a mentor but a Human that needs help too!

5. Generate Traffic and Leads!

If you become active enough in  these groups, people will want to know you! They will start clicking on your profile, stalking you haha, and friending you to know more about you! If you have something to sale they'll look into it more and maybe even buy it!

6. Get involved!

Introduce yourself to the group! Check the Facebook rules and they most likely will allow you to introduce yourself in a thread or on the wall. Many Facebook groups don't allow posting directly on the page in fear of just an overload of self promotion. Which I totally understand it distracts you from really engaging. Good rule of thumb is to not self promote anything just focus on asking and giving advice and helping  others! Wait until there are days to self promote. Facebook groups do that to keep down the amount of posting and to also help you get seen as well!

7. Join Group discussions!

Whether its the administrator asking questions or others, join in! Answer questions, put in your two cents, be polite and never rude to anyone. Show off your expertise and impress people with what you know!

8. Create a discussion!

As you grow and learn new things, share them with others. Give advice, share other cool articles, be inspirational, show your goofy side...seriously have fun! Think of this place as your own little club of like-minded people. If you are feeling left out get involved!

9. Dedicate some time to Participate

It's so important to find the time to participate and engage. A good rule of thumb is at least 10 minutes out of your day can be dedicated to Facebook groups all though you can always do more. It mainly depends on how much time you have and how busy you are. Make this your fun time  not another job. Just  have fun with it!

Guess Whaaaaat! I created a Facebook Group!
Yep that's right I created a Facebook group because I seriously love Facebook Groups! I have been able to find amazing people, gain more traffic, and establish myself as an expert and I want to give others the opportunities to do the same! We are called the ROCKSTAR BLOGGERS BTW!

Who my Facebook Group Caters too!

My Facebook group caters to new and older bloggers wanting to know the ins and outs of blogging, how to make money, gain traffic, create a network of like minded people, create products that sell, and become a stand out blogger!

Here's an Overview of what each day looks like but I also come in and tell you about things I'm working on. Share Articles that I come across that will help you succeed and so much more! We are already 70+ Strong!

  • Monday Motivation
  • Tuesdays Collaboration Day
  • Wednesdays Blog Promo
  • Thursdays Coaching Session
  • Fridays Blog Promo
  • Saturdays Social Sharing Day
  • Sundays Challenges
It's important to engage with others in Facebook Groups!

Click here to Join my Facebook Group!

Remember to check the rules and get participating!

How to deal with Depression as a Solopreneur

How do you go on when life seems to throw every lemon your way.

Well I'll tell ya it's not simple and sometimes you have to get hit in the face, the butt, and even hit in the mouth with them! Sometimes you have to just sip that lemonade like your life depended on it.

That's what I'm doing right now. I'll be honest I haven't been in the best mood this January. Life has not been awesome and it sucks sometimes. I wasn't going to do a blog post at all this week but decided you know what "this makes me happy" and even for a few seconds I can experience the joy I once had. 
How to deal with depression as a solopreneur and how to get through it.

How do you move on when your world has stood still?

I read in a Facebook group about someone was going through something so heartbreaking and she said how do you deal with situations that is out of your control? How do you break through the pain to keep striving toward your dreams and goals you have for your life? I felt just like this woman so lost and confused but realized I wasn't alone.

So instead of talking about the next blogging tip or how to rock at being a blogger let's take a step back and deal with the other side of bloggers and business owners that we may not see very often, the sad, depressed side. We all go through it and feel like there's no way out, but, here's a blogging/business tip I can tell you...You will get through the hardest times of your life and you will make it through!

What happens when Life stands still

I don't know maybe you are going through the same thing and wondering how can you move on when life seems to have stood still. Well I don't know either, but, what I've learned over years of going through depression and very bad lemons, is I have to just keep pushing through. Here are few solid steps I took that have helped me.

Step 1: Cry and cry a lot!

If you think you have no tears left, nope there's more! I thought I was ok last night and then all of a sudden I went from laughing to a bawling mess! I had no idea I still had it in me, but, I told myself to face it...face it head on and cry about it!

"Cry when you need to, laugh when you can, work when you have the urge to, and sleep when your mind's at ease" 

Step 2: Talk to someone you trust!

No matter how much you want to keep it all inside, you can't, and it's ok. Talk to someone you truly trust. I called my oldest brother and I could barely speak, simply just crying. He listened, I listened, I took everything in, I exhaled, and then I bawled my eyes out again. At the end I felt a sense of relief I hadn't felt in awhile. Did I bawl my eyes I out again when I got off the phone, you bet my little eyes did well up with tears and spill out like a flood. I felt better though. It's so important to find someone that you can talk to, give an unbiased opinion, help you find a solution, and a conclusion. Sometimes you need that type of person in your life that not only listens but helps. Find that person.

Step 3: After you've done all you can...stand and keep moving.

The hardest part to do, but, well worth it. The world is still spinning even though your life has stood still for a brief moment. Remember this...it's only a brief moment. It may take a long time to get over it but that doesn't mean you should stop your whole life for lemons that simply suck! IT IS VITAL THAT YOU DIVE BACK IN! Find a routine that calms your mind and creates inspiration. You get one of the lemons and you make a freaking fabulous lemon cake with it! It's time to get back to work and start working on your passions and dreams. You owe it to yourself.

being strong quotes

Let me know in the comments if you are experiencing a crappy moment. Express it get it out and then tell me what your goals are for 2017. Keep those goals in mind as you move forward :)