5 Common Blogging Mistakes to Avoid + Free Printable!!!

As so many blogs are popping up everywhere and tons of blogging advice out there it may be hard to cypher what is best for your blog and social media. As  a new blogger you may have heard of a lot of advice on how to become popular as the bigger bloggers out there has. However all advice may not be good advice! Here is 5 common mistakes to avoid and what to do instead! Stay tune till the end to get 29 more common mistakes bloggers are make!!!

Only Write Long Posts!

People need variety! When I started creating more blogging tips I thought I had to write just long post all the time but I realized that that can get boring real quick for me! Others may say that people don't have time to read long post. I have to disagree with that too. Long post provide more value than a shorter post and it gets people coming back for more. I've had people bookmark my page to come back and reread it over and over again!

Your Focus:

  • Write long and short posts! Mix it  up!
  • Create a call to action and get people talking back to you!
  • Format longer post so that it's easier to read (images, bullet points, lists, headings, subheadings, etc.)

New bloggers don't need an email list!

Just because you are a new blogger doesn't mean you can't start an email list. Email list helps people keep coming back for more. You can't only rely on social media promotion to get people to read your content and keep coming back. You need to build a connection. Email list is known as the real MVP's. They want to hear what you have to say. Giving an email away is really personal for someone so giving it to you is a real honor!

Your Focus:

  • Provide an incentive for people to sign up (freebie, giveaway, updates, new deals, etc.)
  • Use mailchimp or other email platforms to provide your readers with a way to sign up.
  • Create an irresistible opt in and show case it on your blog through popups, navigation bar, sidebar, blog content, on your social media, etc. 
  • Then keep them engaged via email with blog posts, more freebies, deals, tips, advice etc.

Blogging is an Easy Way to Make Money!

I'll be the first to say that's it's not easy whatsoever! However it's not entirely impossible! It takes a lot to start making money on your blog other than just writing a blog post.

Your Focus:

  • Get sponsorships by reaching out to companies or sign up for sponsored program
  • Create your own products such as ebooks, ecourses, physical and digital products ets.
  • Become part of affiliates programs
  • Promote your products, show your affiliate links, and get your name out there.

SEO  is so Important!

Of course we need SEO(Search Engine Optimization) however people put way to much emphasis on it. I had to learn that myself. Keywords and links are not the only way for search engines to pick up on you. That's because of google's algorithm, like so many freaking online platforms, changes often. So it's hard to keep up with all the latest changes and what's best for SEO.

Your Focus:

  • Write content for your audience not for search engines. 
  • Show your personality, be informational, and thought provoking. Make people want to read!
  • Pay attention to SEO but don't make it your primary focus.
  • Provide sharing buttons to encourage readers to share on their social media.

Remember keep SEO in mind but don't overly saturate your readers with keywords and links. Work on your  meta data description (search description in blogger) and add a alt text to all your images and add a couple of keywords where it makes sense but don't over board.

Words is all you need for a blog post!

WRONG!!!  Of course your words count but people are visual and if there are no images or formatting people will quickly leave out of pure boredom.

Your Focus:

  • Format your blog post with subheadings, spaces, paragraphs, different fonts,  bold, italics, color, etcs.
  • Use photos and graphics to illustrate certain ideas in your post.
  • Even videos can help illustrate a point!

People are visual beings and they remember more things when images are included! Click here to get monthly stock photos for your blog and social media!

What are some blogging  mistakes you've learned while blogging?

7 Everyday Items You can Use for Photography


I love buying props for my stock photography business. I'm always find myself looking for little trinkets around stores so you can already tell I'm a bit of a prop hoarder haha! I always get questions from cashiers wanting to know if I'm redecorating, if they only knew ha! Well, after my last purchase at Target I realized I may want to stop for a while, I told myself it was an investment...yeeeah!

Technically it's my job....

While I'm naturally prone to buying little things for "investments" I know I have plenty of items at home that I can work with too! Before I could afford props I literally had to work with what I had and I know others have to do the same! So here is 7 items that you can find around your home to create beautiful images!

7 affordable and easy ways to use everyday items for styling props for photography!


My favorite thing to use in photography is cute mugs, its my unhealthy addiction. You can also use plates, bowls, forks, spoons, etc!

Flowers and Plants 

My favorite ways to liven up any photo! I've jumped on the bandwagon with succulent plants but can you blame me! If you have fresh bouquet hanging around or in house plants why not add them to your photos. I've just started getting custom bouquets so best believe I'll be creating gorgeous photos!

Office Supplies

 Ahhhh the joys of office supplies! I'm a sucker for office supplies I went crazy in Target buying scissors, pens, paperclips, notebooks and staplers. You may have some cute office supplies around and even if you don't there is a lot of affordable places to shop!
Fabric : Sweet fabric and posters! These are awesome backgrounds in images and having a variety is even better. You can also use scarves, blankets and clothes as backgrounds!

Tech Stuff

Your phone is your best prop and you don't have to go buy it! You can also use your laptop, headphones, ipads, keyboards, etc.


Another easy way to incorporate candles! I have so many at the house anyway so why not just use them in photos.
Craft supplies: Confetti, colored paper, posters, colored pencils,  brushes and so on!  If you love to diy then you should have these already around the house and even if you don't they are super affordable!

Other House Item

 I love taking little things like trays, sculptures, books, frames, and so much more and finding what works for my picture! It's amazing what you can find just around your house! It's liking searching your couch and finding so many things you forgot you had!

Check out More affordable props you can get for less than $5 here!
Get 50 Free Stock Photos and 25% off of the style stock membership when you sign up here!

In The Comments: What are your go-to props for creating awesome photos? Are you new to photography what do you need to learn more of?

Check out some of my favorite things to buy below!

7 affordable and easy ways to use everyday items for styling props for photography!