15 Free Stock Photos and How to Use them!

If you have already seen my 50+ Free Stock Photography then you probably have a bunch of new stock photos in your arsenal! In 2012 when I first started blogging, stock photos, wasn't that enticing! I would always just take googled images and download them and they were not so much in the best quality...cringe moment! As time went by photography started to be a big thing and so did my passion for it! However, styled stock photos still was not a thing. Like, people was trying to make it happen,but it just wasn't happening kinda like fetch, ya know?!

Styled Stock photography are images you can literally use without crediting the photographer, their basically yours!

Fast forward to now and it's a big thing...we made it happen! So now I wanted to give you a bunch of ways to use your styled stock photos to up your blog, your social media, your brand, and/or your business! There are so many ways to style stock photos and if you have an eye for it you can style them in so many different ways!

How to Set Goals and Be Successful at it!

Goal Setting
This week I wanted to help you kick your goals in the butt! October 10 was National Kick Butt Day! I know we all have a goal or two maybe even a bunch of goals we want to complete.  I also know how hard it is to actually start! Especially if you are doing it by yourself! This past week I started up an  Stock Photography Shop on Etsy and it was really a goal I had for a long time, just was too afraid to start. But I just went for it! Now I've never had my own business so this is completely new for me! I had high expectations but realized I needed to take it down a notch and learn and grow! Have I had my first sell yet, NO! Have I created a bit of buzz, eh it could be better! Nonetheless I'm proud that I started and I want to encourage you too! Whether it's just getting a new blog post out their or starting your own business don't be afraid to just do it....actually it's ok to be afraid but do it anyway!

Now after you find that goal it's time to make it all happen!
Stay tune til the end because I have a FREE GOAL WORKSHEET FOR YOU!

How to Set Goals and Do it!

1. What is your #1 long term Goal
(That one goal you can't shake no matter what)
2. Ok, Break that Goal down into ACTIONABLE and ACHIEVABLE short term goals 
These are the goals that you need to achieve in order to get to the REAL BIG GOAL!
3. Make these goals specific as possible 
Planning the details is the most important part! The more detailed you are the better it is to achieve these smaller goals.
4. Time to make ACTUAL STEPS in Doing these smaller goals
Make these steps achievable by acquiring an actual time frame. 
5. Challenge yourself but don't overwhelm yourself
Challenge brings growth.
6.But Be Realistic
Set your sights on what you can do...this is where you need to be confident in your ability.
7.Ok now its time to start!

Things to Remember when Setting Goals
  • Don't let fear hold you back
  • Don't expect things to run smoothly...this is life lol!
  • Learn along the way.
  • Sometimes you have to change some things!
  • Sometimes you have to reimage your goals...and that's ok.
  • Sometimes you have to start over...and that's ok too.
  • Don't be afraid to tell others! Find like minded people that understand your goals!
  • There will be haters block them with your success haha!
Here's a better look at achieving your goals!
By Seeing your goals on paper, you can visualize your success! 

I have a free worksheet to help you set your goals and kick butt!!!
P.S this comes in black and white too!

When you download this worksheet pull it up in your internet browser or a PDF APP to print!

Here's the worksheet in color

Here's the worksheet in black and white

What is one goal you want to achieve?

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