Color U Bold-The Introduction ❤

Color U Bold is a unique Blog that brings the joys of beauty and fashion and mixes it with the beauty of the Lord. Color U Bold is all about working to change your beauty from the inside out.

I am a woman that loves makeup, fashion, and creating new things. So I want to bring my joy into your world. Not only do I love all things glamorous but I love the Lord. I know funny combo, but why not mix the love of one thing with the love of another! I’m not perfect and have come short of his glory but I’m a girl searching for more out of life than just the materialistic things. God has empowered me to want to pursue his love more and more each day. I want to help others just like me that are not perfect but want to know the love, peace and joy that God has already promised us. He wants us to live our full potential!

What is our full potential?
Our full potential is the ability to create and set into motion all in which we want. God has instilled within us talents, gifts, hidden traits that he wants to bring out. All he wants from us is to open our mind, let go of our negative emotions, release the doubts and BELIEVE! He wants us to live boldly, going after our dreams, scary or not, he wants us to chase our dreams! This could mean anything that YOU want. God wants you to get rid of the negativity...those thoughts that hold you back. That's keeping you from your full potential! He instilled in us Love, Peace, and Joy that's what we must push toward!

Loving yourself, Loving Others, and Loving God!
Peace within yourself, Peace in your situation and Peace in your mind!
Joy in yourself and Joy in your Situation!

Get ready to be empowered to be bold, love yourself for who you are, and look fabulous in the process!  Get ready for a life changing experience. You too can inspire, motivate, and empower someone else too!  We all have an extraordinary plan and gift for our life its your choice to choose it or not.

So lets start loving ourselves, others, and God today!

✝Read it and Believe it with Boldness: Psalm 139:13-14✝

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