My Spiritual Makeup

 I received this email from a website that is all about finding true beauty from the inside. I want to share this with you so that you will remember the importance of inner beauty first and for most!
                                   My Spiritual Makeup

Eyes: Lord, help me to see the needs of others around me. Help me to take off myself and to be less selfish. It really isn't all about me.

Foundation: Lord, help me build a strong foundation in my life by reading and studying your Word. Develop a hunger and thirst inside of me that only your Word can quench.

Lips: Dear God, help me to think before I speak. Help my words to be  seasoned with love. I know that out of the abundance of the heart the  mouth speaks. Please work on my heart.

Blush: Father, color my life with great relationships and friendships. I know that to have friends, I have to be a friend first.

My Prayer: Lord, thank you so much that in the insignificant things in life, like applying make-up, that I can be reminded of how to live my life for you. Help me take the time to adorn myself each morning with reminders of how you want me to live. Amen.

 Check out their website for more inner beauty tips!