S.H.E.- Safe, Healthy Empowered Woman

This is going to be something new that I think will help empower young girls and women who are still trying to find themselves in this world. So back in 2005 I went into a Christian Book Store and was immediately  drawn to a book that focused on encouraging teen girls to be who God made them to be...A Child of the Living King!
Who is S.H.E?
This title was given to you when you were born. This title is placed in your hands when you seek more from God and submit your life to being TRANSFORMED into his original design. God's design for you was perfect in his eyes and his designed resulted in a Safe, Healthy, and Empowered SHE.

So during the course of several weeks on Wednesday's I will show you how to be a Safe, Healthy, and Empowered SHE. So come on this journey with me because not only do I want to help you I want to help myself in this process. When I picked this book up as a teen I did not know the true importance of reading this book but now that I am a young woman, I want to become the original design that God gave me!    

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