Style for a Steal: Sheer Blouses

May 18th was my Birthday so you know what that spree!!!! 

I had an incredible day with family and friends at an event dedicated to the arts. After such a lovely event I went to my favorite place...Goodwill! This was no ordinary goodwill because it seemed as if every rack I went on I found an amazing shirt or pair of pants. From J.Crew to Lands End, I found name brand clothing that I could not normally get at the normal price! So the next time you think of a thrift shop or goodwill as old, ugly, "played out" think again! 

Different ways to  pair Sheer blouses
I bought some gorgeous clothes but today I want to share with you my ultimate favorite look for spring and summer...sheer blouses! Sheer blouses are so versatile from pairing it with a pencil skirt or shorts to pairing it with skinny jeans. 
Sheer Blouses are a great trend that
I believe will stay around for along time.


Fashion Steal???
This outfit: Less than $15!!!

This Outfit: Over $100!!!


Get this look without spending a ton of money. Let me know if this is a steal you want to run with!

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  1. Thats a great look for a great price!!