The Rules of Life-A S.H.E. Experience

 Rules, we have all had them and sometimes we have all initiated them. Do you ever feel bombarded by rules? You know the rules from parents, teachers, the government, and rules of the road. We can not get past them. Yes it can get quite annoying but do you have rules for yourself? You may be asking yourself "Come on, I've got enough rules already. Why would I make more for myself?" OK I see your frustration but we must toss the old definition of rules out of the window for the S.H.E. experience. For S.H.Es, our rules means taking charge of your life and making the right decisions for yourself. Choosing God's way and not the Crowd's way. These rules will make you free!

As you age, choices become more serious. These choices can make or break you. These choices can lead you on the right path or on a dark path that you will find hard to escape. We are given a platter of choices to ease our appetite but the sweetest choices can lead to dangerous consequences.

God's Road Map

God has given us the road map of life to allow us to live a life full of joy, peace, and abundance. Where is this road map? It's all in one place...the Bible. His road map can lead us on the right path of life and keep us from detouring off into the wilderness. The wilderness can be scary and confusing but with God's road map you can always find a way back to the path he has planned out for you. The bible offers some rock-solid direction. Throughout the old testament, their were many  rules but in the new testament Jesus added 2 new rules love and mercy.

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly (Mark 10:10)

 Thought of the Day
What decisions have you made that led to scary consequences? Did you feel deep inside that you should not have done it? What decisions did you make that led to joy and peace?

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