SHE women of the Bible: The Samaritan

Do you remember the Samaritan woman in the bible that lived with five different men. She met Jesus unexpectedly one day by a well. She'd went there to get some water as she always did, but this day was very different. This day changed her life.

♥Jesus had gone out of his way to offer her the SHE experience!

Jesus asked about the rule that she had broken, which was sexual impurity. Amazed that he knew her life story, she wanted to know more about this man and this living water who he spoke of. Instead of feeling angry or ashamed, she felt compelled to know more. She saw the love and the mercy Jesus offered her. She never seen such undeserved mercy from anyone until she met Jesus. SHE left Jesus and went back to her town to proclaim the good news of the living water: "Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did. Could this be the Messiah"(John 4:29) 

God offered her living water. Water that will let her never thirst again. Wouldn't you want water that let you never be thirsty again! The water we drink will only make us thirsty again but Jesus offers us a perpetual spring within us, giving us eternal life. After listening to Jesus, the Samaritan woman wanted the living water that he offered her. Do you want Jesus living water or do you want to continue to thirst after the world? Choose life or death...Its your choice.

Read it! John 4:1-30

Stay tune for next Wednesday where I will be discussing the Security that God gives us in the...S.H.E Experience 

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