Spending time with God

✝God is the maker of time and has gifted mankind with time.
God has given us the same amount of time each day. God expects our best in life and this includes spending time with him. We have been allotted a certain amount of time here on this Earth. This time was given to us to fulfill the God Given purpose he has placed in our hearts to complete. This time is also to prepare us for eternity with the Holy Spirit, our God.
Check out this awesome video about spending time with God. There are so many ways to spend time with God. God should stay on your mind 24/7. God is with you 24/7 so you should be too! Put God in every aspect of your life from test at school to problems at home. Pray to God, read his word, and talk to others who are on this journey with you.
Pray without Ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17)

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