Head Knowledge vs Heart Knowledge

Head knowledge is great but do you have heart knowledge?

   Nicodemus, you remember him, well he came to talk to Jesus at night, he wanted more information on being a Christian. Of course the term "Christian" wasn't coined until after Jesus' death and the church was organized. But Jesus spoke BOLDLY and publicly about the necessity of being born again  and experiencing the forgiveness of sins.

   As a Pharisee, Nicodemus thought he heard it all. He knew all the scriptures, every rule in the book, obeyed all the rules in the book, and even went to the temple on a regular bases. Nicodemus was considered a good man in the eyes of people. Yet when Jesus spoke about eternal life he was baffled. He realized he was missing something.

   Nicodemus wanted more information and who else better to go to than the Son of God! Jesus told him that in order to enter heaven-to gain eternal life- he would need to be born again. Nicodemus didn't get it. He asked Jesus how it would be possible for a grown man to become a baby again and be born of his mother a second time. Obviously we today knew what God meant...he was talking about Spiritual Birth.

Nicodemus thought he knew everything, I mean he was a pharisee after all. He thought he knew everything about God but he did not personally know God. That is where we as people fail to realize whats most important...
Head knowledge want get you into the kingdom of God, you need heart knowledge to have eternal life with Christ.

Jesus told Nicodemus that he must admit his need for a Savior, and seek forgiveness for his sins. Nicodemus finally understood and became a follower of Christ. Though it was slow, his lifestyle eventually began to reflect his newfound faith.

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