S.H.E is Beautiful: Creating a Better Self Image

Have you ever starved yourself, made yourself throw up, or exercised way to hard? Have you ever cut yourself to get attention, express hurt, or just to feel something?

Why do we harm our body's for the sake of outward judgement?

I have witnessed young girls stressing and starving themselves to be the perfect size, to have that thigh gap, to have bones showing from their skin. I have noticed marks on girls wrist where they cut themselves so much. Remember if you believe in God (the one who created you in HIS IMAGE) your body belongs to God. He is within you and you are with in him. So when you starve yourself or cut yourself you are hurting God.

During those times when you're feeling particularly low about your self-image, remind yourself that you should be focusing on your God-worth, not your self-worth. You are his treasure, his princess!

Outer beauty is the first impression someone gets of you but inner beauty is the second and lasting impression. We call it holistic beauty, and it's real, honest, and lasting. It reveals the contents on the inside of the package that enhance the outer. You can't fake holistic beauty- its the way women look, feel, think, and act. 

You are fearfully and wonderfully made
(Psalm 139:13-14)

When you wake up, in the quiet of the morning before you open your eyes, before you move a muscle, before you fix something or say something or create something...before you are accomplishing anything...whisper, "I AM ENOUGH!"