The Feminine Woman

Have you ever been in a situation where you needed to be tough?
Have you ever acted tough, but ended up feeling less than feminine?
Which side do you need to work on more:your tougher side or your tender side?

Being a woman can be so difficult sometimes. After the feminist movement started we as women were
expected to have a career, go for our goals and dreams, make a name for ourselves, and become independent but on top of those wonderful privileges we still had to be a mother and a wife. We have to be strong independent women but still  be afraid of being attacked, being taken advantage of or convince men that we are worth waiting for. That's a lot to take on as women.
Femininity (Gods Way)
The gentle and quiet-but spirited-woman
 So how do we find the balance between tough and tender?
True femininity embraces both these qualities in a fairly equal way. We need to be tough enough to protect ourselves as well as our goals and dreams....but not so tough that we step on people along the way. We need to be tender enough to find intimacy with God and others...but not so tender that we are taken advantage of.

The bible describes the perfect love of God as including both dimensions. In the Old testament and New testament alike God and Jesus showed the same connection between tough and tender. God wants us to strive for this balance too.
Tough: Isaiah 40:10
Tender: Isaiah 40:11
Tough: Matthew 21:12-13
Tender:Matthew 11:29

A truly feminine S.H.E is someone who balances her tough and tender sides. In the process S.H.E becomes a gentle and quiet-but spirited woman of God

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  1. TheChronicled Nice article. Different situation calls for different approach. I say be tough when its needed and be tender when its needed. But most importantly be a woman.