Developing your inner beauty:The S.H.E Experience

You know sometimes we have to go through things in order to develop our inner beauty. Developing  our inner beauty helps to strengthen  us enough to guide and enhance our outer beauty. Life can be a continuous journey of improvements both externally and internally. We just need to keep our priorities in line. Let me tell you of a story in the bible about a woman that let her priorities get out of line and how she turned them around.

A woman named Bathsheba was married to a celebrated hero in King David's army called Uriah. King David the ruler of Jerusalem at the time was out on his roof embracing the scenery when he became infatuated by a young woman named Bathsheba. Astounded by her beauty, King David, asked for her even though he knew she had a husband. She slept with him that day and found out she was pregnant a month or so later. Knowing this King David created a plan that would disguise the fact that Bathsheba had an affair. With much pleading for Uriah to go home from the army and sleep with his wife, King David gave up hope. So he sent him out to the front of the army where the fight was the heaviest and most fiercest to die. After Uriah's death Bathsheba married the king. A chain reaction of sorrow and curses on her family led to the death of her first son and later the death of three of David's other sons.

Along the line of these events Bathsheba repented. God accepted her repentance, exchanged her sin for his grace and then turned that sin into something he could use for his glory. Bathsheba gave birth to her second son, Solomon. The Lord loved him greatly.

Check out Proverbs  31:10-31 In the scriptures it describes a wonder woman who was virtuous, trustworthy, industrious, generous, strong, joyful, wise, kind, and God-fearing. As a result this woman was trusted by her husband, enriched his life, and worth more that "precious rubies. Scholars believed the man that spoke these words about his mother were none other than Solomon...Bathsheba's son.

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