PLL Fashion Edition: Hanna Marin's Style

Pretty Little Liars is winding down and with only a few more episodes left I wonder if we will ever know who A is! In the latest episode, Into the Deep, Hanna's style was so chic even though she was going through a lot she still manages to keep her sense of style. I want to share with you an outfit I absolutely adored. I think this outfit will look great for your first day back to school or even at a laid back job. You can still look fabulous on a budget! If you missed all the buzz and heart pounding drama watch it here now!

Hanna's Style
  • Her look is very young Hollywood: It’s flirty and girly with a trendy edge.
  • The Hallway is Hanna's runway so never be afraid to go all out!
  • Balance girly frills with pieces borrowed from the boys. Hanna frequently mixes contrasting styles in one ensemble, pairing flirty dresses and ruffled tops with menswear-inspired structured blazers.
  • Define your waist. Hanna loves belting her shirts!
  • Enhance you look with eye catching jewelery.
  • Look luxe without spending big bucks. Hanna was accustomed to shopping at the pricey stores and wearing the hippest designer labels but now, she finds herself adjusting to life in a “one paycheck family.”
  • Always remember Hanna always looks put together and poised. Whether she is sitting doing her homework or visiting her mother in jail!

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