The Best Makeup Tutorial Ever!

       Sometimes I feel we all need a little laughter in our life. We girls are so concerned about our outward appearance that we forget to work on our inward appearances. People can look at you and see a pretty face but if you open your mouth and nothing but rudeness and evil spews out then that just negates the beauty that others thought they saw in you.
     We need to take a breather from our makeup for a day and just work on our inner makeup. Work on being nonjudgmental, more caring, more optimistic, and just learn to be our real selves. Not this person we hide behind for other peoples sake. Be the person you were made to be which was a loving, caring, respectful young woman of God.
     I know we have all been through this where we feel if we were just as gorgeous as this girl then we would be happy...NO! This is all wrong! In order to be happy and show ourselves beautiful we must look away from the mirrors and look deeper into the mirror of our souls. We all lose track of who we are at some point in time but its never to late to get back to the Individual that you are! 

Check out this hilarious video from the Youtube comedian, Superwoman. Her honesty is whats needed in this world!


  1. Yes, I watched this a few days ago and put in my favorites playlist it. It really is the best makeup tutorial ever.

    1. It is! When I seen it I just had to write something about :)