FALL'ing for Fashion:Fall 2013 Trends

Fall is back girls and you know what that means...time to put away the short shorts, bandaus, tank tops, and sandals!
I've always loved Fall because it wasn't to hot nor to cold but always just right. With the leaves changing colors and the sky getting darker its time to focus on new fashion trends!

This years fashion week was filled with eye catching pieces that are sure to last all year round. Let's take a look at some of the newest trends I'm eying this fall!

Classic Prints for the ages!
Classic Prints for the Ages

Animaltastic Prints!

Animaltastic Trend
I got the Cobalt Blues!

Cobalt Blues
Leather and more leather Oh My!
Leather and More Leather Oh My!

Fall in line with Military Style Pieces! 
Military Style Pieces

Whats your favorite fall trend?

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