The Thorn in My Flesh: Dealing with Life's Struggle

Yesterday I went to church and heard an absolute amazing word from God. I had to share with you the blessing that also blessed my life!

Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up. (Galations 6:9)

How many of you have heard this scripture? 
How many of you have lived by this scripture?
How many of you feel as though God has forgotten about you in your trials and tribulations?
    I am asking you these questions because we have all experienced this. When I feel down and feel like God is not here and I'm going through this all by myself this is the time where we need to connect with God even more. This is our test! Can we stick it out with God even though we want to give up and throw in the
towel? If we walk by faith and not by sight WE WILL reap the blessings that God has in store for us! Walking by faith is hard. Imagine being blind and not knowing where to walk, not knowing where you was going. This is how we walk by faith. We don't know where we are going we only see our present issue. We become anxious and disappointed. But when we finally get to the place we are supposed to be we are calm and content.

   We must wait on the Lord for his timing (our due season). This due season is custom made just for you. Whether its healing, joy, or financial blessings God has made the right timing just for you! We reap a good harvest if we faint not. We are in a faith walk with God and if we stay in his word and pray continually, My oh my, the rewards we will see!

   In the Sermon, the preacher laid out some fine examples of men who endured many pains and tribulations but their reward was great because they did not give up on God. Take for instant Joseph and Moses. God gave them an incredible gift from birth. They both new God had a fantastic reward for them at the end but they did not know that it was going to be incredibly difficult for them to get it. They didnt see what they had to go through to fulfill their destiny that was custom made for them! God had to develop them. He wanted to produce good fruit. If we are trying to grow a delicious red apple it takes hard work. It starts off as a seed. You must water it, keep sunlight on it, and wait for it to grow and that can take a long time! Well this is the same with us. God is molding us, growing us into the person that he wants us to be for our destiny to be fulfilled.

    Even when we have finally come to our destiny God still keeps us humble. He keeps us humble by putting road blocks in our way. God keeps a "Thorn in our flesh" to remember the bigger picture of our destiny. Sometimes we can get so big headed and cocky and that's the time where God will put you back into your place. God wants fruitful people that will go out and multiply! God wants to trust YOU with his gift.

Can you handle it?


  1. Wow... I'm a very religious person and I can see you are too... Amazing blog! God Bless you!

    1. Thanks Bernadette, I try to be Im not the best but hey Im growing :)