Halloween Makeup Look: Get Your Scary on!

I finally have another makeup look to give you guys and let me tell you it was so easy to do! I love when I can create something so awesome for little up $10! Click here and vote!

My Inspiration!
So I've been looking at a lot of Halloween tutorials on YouTube this month and I've been wanting to create something but my money is what you would call nonexistent. So I had to work with what I got. A couple of days ago I found the perfect look to make with only a few items that I already had! ChrisspyMakeup is such an amazing artist and I had to make one of her looks. I've been really into the Sugar Skull Looks that is apart of Day of the Dead Celebrations in the Latino countries. ChrisspyMakup's look was so easy to do and if you are going out on the town and need to find a halloween look, this is the look for you! Since I'm still trying to figure out how to do my own makeup tutorials I thought why not let you see the primary source for this amazing look!

Now that you guy the look down, now lets look at my look.

Side View
  • WetnWild White Eyeliner to fill it in
  • BH Cosmetic White Matte lipstick in Pallet to create a whiter base
  • BH Cosmetic Matte White EyeShadow to set everything!
Black Designs:
  • WetnWild Black Liquid Eyeliner
  • BH Cosmetics Matte Black Eyeshadow to set it, so it doesnt rub off
I literally wore this all day! 
Ok Ladies and Gentlemen here is where participation counts. I've entered into my first Halloween Contest for Wet n Wild. I'm so excited and I definitely want to win! So I need you to go over to this link Click here! and cast your vote, for me of course! You can come back everyday to vote I would greatly appreciate your support.

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