Happy Halloween!!!

Wow, my first Halloween I get to share with all of my blog lovers out there! Im so excited to show you my first ever Halloween look on my first client but first lets just enjoy some of my recent halloween looks that I created on myself! These looks were done with little to no money included. If you have makeup laying around use that! Its amazing what you can come up with when your broke :)

Last Minute Look on a budget!
Makeup isn't about covering up your features its about enhancing the beauty that God created! Makeup allows you to create something so beautiful that you wonder how was that made. When I do my work I want people to think that! Its the same with us as God's creations. God created us as a masterpiece! He sculpted us and created little fine details with the stroke of his hand. So in a since God is a Makeup Artist!  So today as you venture out in your costumes and makeup, whether its your kid or you, don't forget that you are an amazing piece of artwork!  
 Flaunt it and let people be mesmerized by you, a masterpiece!