The Month of Thanks!

        Well today is the first of November. The month of thankfulness. On my Facebook timeline I see that a lot of people are doing the 30 day thankful challenge (that's what I'm calling it anyway). Its great to see that so many people are showing their thankfulness this month. It is amazing how much things we take for granted until this very month. We have so many things to be thankful for everyday from waking up, getting up, doing all the normal routines that accompany us on our daily journey. 
        God really worked his magic in creating everything on this beautiful earth! Have you ever just sat down outside and just looked around. I remember me and my dad would go
outside late at night just to look up at the stars. I ponder to myself how all those stars got up there, how they stayed up there, and why they were even made. God could have just made everything simple no clouds in the sky, no stars twinkling so bright, no rain, or snow. It is crazy how detailed God is in every little aspects of our life and this world, not to mention outside of this world!
        So in conclusion, as you go about this month remember to sit down outside and look around. Close your eyes listen to the animals, the trees rustling in the wind, even the cars going by. After that think about everything he has done in your life even the simplest things from allowing you to wake up in the morning to being able to walk around one step at a time with no pain. I remember being in anatomy class looking at all the things that go on in our body. God really thought this through! He wanted everything to be perfect and he definitely made it perfect! No matter how much "we" think things seem imperfect. Don't take one single thought or action for granted. Nor one single blessing or miracle, because guess what God didn't take it for granted. God created everything perfectly he believed that when he was done everything was made just the way he wanted it to be.

Be Thankful, You are Blessed 
What are you thankful for? Leave it in the comments below :)

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