A New Years Resolution Worth doing!

As we progress into the new year many of us make New Years Resolutions. We say we will stick to them but then in approximately 1-2 weeks we jump off the bandwagon and go back to being the same as we were. We put such an high importance on that 1st day of the new year. We create this time frame of when to get things done. Resolutions fail because they don’t emerge from true breakthrough they’re calendar-driven obligations; and they often address the symptoms, not the cause of our unhappiness.  We set ourselves up for failure because we do not address the true problem.

Before you set your "New Years Resolution" why not just sit down one evening and actually talk through why you want to change. Think about these keep points: 

Are You?
  • dwelling on the past or obsessing about the future. 
  • comparing yourself to everyone else
  • feeling dissatisfied with how you're spending your time or your purpose for your life
  • losing hope in your potential
  •  turning yourself into a victim and blaming everyone else.
  • spiraling into negative thinking, seeing everything as a sign of doom and hopelessness
  •  assuming there should be a point in time when none of the above happens anymore.
Your goal actually stems down to the fact that YOU JUST WANT TO BE HAPPY!
Is that right?
Well let me tell you, creating a resolution for the new year is not going to work if all you are thinking about is trying to get rid of something that isn't even the REAL problem. You must dig deeper into yourself to get rid of the underlying problem. For instance if your trying to lose weight you must understand why. Is it because you want to look like a certain celebrity,do you compare yourself to others, or feeling like this is your only way to find love? This is what I mean about digging deeper. If you rely on changing the top layer of a problem that underlying problem is still going to be there, even after the weight is loss. Losing the weight is not going to get rid of insecurities, they may mask them, but it never goes away. That's why it is so hard to continue with a resolution.

In conclusion, we must dig deeper with our New Years Resolutions. I know we all make goals for the new year, we have good intent. Every year I strive for a new goal and it usually fails  within a month because I don't dig deeper into the reason why I want to change. For a true New Year Resolution think deeper. That's my challenge for you as well for myself, don't just set a goal but understand why you want to change.Don't take one big step, instead take smaller steps. That create a better you each and every day.
  1. Recognize the places where you are  weak-Take small steps each day to become a better you.
  2. Recognize how you got to the point where you became weak-What leaves you feeling down, is it a person, a place, or an object? Minimize the things that create unhappiness.
  3. What in your life creates positive feelings- You deserve to have happy moments and have more of them!
  4. Understand that you deserve happiness- This is so important. When you're feeling down only you can create your own joy.
“If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.” 
-Jack Dixon

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