A New Year with Boldness!

Did you know that the phrase, "Do not be afraid" is written over 365 times in the bible! Thats 365 days of being fearless! I don't know about you but Im tired of being afraid. This is our season, our time, our moment to break free of the shackles that bind us and hold us down. That phrase is a daily reminder that says that YOU ARE FEARLESS! With God you can stand up to the enemies attacks! You can go outside of your comfort zone to be who God wants you to be! Don't you think its time for you to be fearless, bold, and courageous! You deserve it more than you think and God is saying that you are going to have this, this year...THIS IS YOUR YEAR...own it and believe it!

God is calling us to be bold. Do you tend to not take chances because you are afraid. Your mind makes you think that you will fail, you will regret it, you will give up. No this, if you go for what you feel is right and you pray on the things you want, you will not fail, you will not regret it, and you will not give up! When you have the Lord on your side, there will be nothing stopping you! All things are possible with God. That means that if you put your dreams and goals in Gods hands you are sure to see it through to the very end. Now Im not saying its going to be easy. Oh no it want, but that's part of being Bold, walking in faith and keeping your eye on God!

God has a great plan for you and once you start walking in faith, being bold, and being all that God has called you to be, you will start to see that great plan manifested in you!

This year I'm walking in boldness, fearlessly taking chances, and never giving up! 
Come join me I would love your company! 

This year is your year! Own it with boldness!

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