Happy Valentines Day: A letter to God

Dear God,
            Have I told you lately that I love you. Your love for me is so grand I don't think I could possibly imagine! I mean you sent your son down to die for me. Sometimes I may seem ungrateful. I may say things I don't mean. I may even turn my back on you but you are always the one I come running back to. Your grace and your mercy welcomes me with open arms. Your embrace of love is everlasting. If only I could see past all my tribulations and be able to love you unconditionally, even when times get bad and I feel you are no where to be found. Lord could you forgive me for turning on you. You are the truest love of my life and although I may find love here on this earth I hope you know that my love will never grow so much apart from you that I cant run right back to you. God your love is everlasting, your love endures forever help me to love the way you love. Your love for me is like a flood I am drowning in your love and I Love It! Never let go of my hand and I will never let go of yours. You are the love that I always wanted and I never have to ask "Will you be my valentines" because I already know the answer to that! ;)

Sincerely with love,
The People of The World

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