Inner Beauty: Will I ever be Loved?

"Our first and last love is self love"  

        Have you ever asked this question, Will I ever be loved? Love what does this word mean exactly? According to the dictionary love means the intense feeling of deep affection. Sounds about right, right? We all want to love and we all want others to love us. But I want to help you understand and even myself that no one is ever going to love you the way you love yourself. Until you are 100 percent sure that you love your whole self, from your flaws to your mistakes, you will not be able to give or receive the love that you truly deserve. We have all gotten in relationships that we thought was right, that we thought our whole life would change because of that one person. Take for instance your first love. You thought he or she was your everything, no one could ever separate you from their love. But then one day that other person decides they don't love you the way you love them anymore. So you're left with a deep affection for someone that doesn't love you back. You feel hurt, you wonder what is wrong with you, what did you do wrong. You have those questions because you never got the chance to love yourself before you fell in love and now you are hurting. So now you want to find that love again from someone else not knowing that the one person that you should really find love, is in yourself.

           It is so important that you find the confidence in yourself to love yourself the way someone has loved you. If you can't love yourself how are you ever going to be able to be happy even without a man or woman in your life. You have to learn how to connect with yourself, who your really are, before you can give your heart over to someone else.
          How do we fall in love with ourselves? Well it is definitely not easy but its not easier or harder than falling in love with someone else. You learn who they are, you learn what you like and what they don't like,  you even learn to love their quirks and flaw. You learn to love them for them and well my friends this is exactly how you love yourself. It takes time and in time you learn to love yourself. Wow how would you like to love you for you, not caring about your flaws, embracing your quirks, loving who you are! It is definitely an amazing feeling and once you learn to love yourself then you are ready to love someone else. You are ready for someone to love your quirks, your flaws, and everything else! When you love yourself, you learn who and what you want in a person. You learn what you want in a man or woman. Before you would settle for anything because you didn't know what you truly wanted in a person. Now you are ready to embrace love.

This Valentines Day don't mope around complaining that you have no one. No you do have someone, YOURSELF! Embrace loving yourself, embrace falling in love with yourself.

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  1. This was a great post! I couldn't agree more with what you said. Especially the part about loving yourself is harder than loving another person. I wonder why that is sometimes.
    Bright and Shiny