This or That Tag: Fashion Edition

Well today is a kick-back kind of day for me. It's raining outside and nobody gots time for fashion in the rain! So here on this rainy day I just want to share with you some things that I love!

1.Jeans or Sweat pants
I'm definitely a skinny jeans type of girl. I don't even think I have sweat pants!⊙﹏⊙
2.Long sleeve or Short Sleeve
Im so cold natured so a nice long sleeve fits me just fine, besides I still have some toning to do in my arms before the summer! Who else trying to get fit for the summer weather?
Walmart $10.00
3.Dresses or Skirts
I love dresses and one type of dress I love is a good Peplum dress it really suits all womens body shape.
4.Stripes or Plaid
Stripes definitely, I don't know about plaid it takes me back to my school days when I thought plaid was wasn't.
5.Flip Flops or sandals
Sandals all the way I love embellished sandals! Ugh I need summer in my life!!!!
6.Scarves or Hats
I really don't wear a lot of accessories, something I must change this summer but I would love to get more scarves. I'm loving the infinity scarves right now!
7.Studs or Dangly earrings
I love dangly earrings! I simply can't go anywhere without them. Whenever I don't have earrings on I feel naked! =^.^=
8.Necklaces or Bracelets
Definitely necklaces! I love bold statement necklaces. When it comes to bracelets I just cant with all the rattling and dents being made in my arm...ugh no!
9.Heels or Flats
Target: $15.98
Heels baby all the way!!! I'm 4'11 and that means I look wayyyy younger than I should. Heels make me feel like a woman!
10.Cowboy boots or Riding boots
Cowboy boots is a no-go for me! Being in the country I see girls wearing them all the time and at one point I wanted them too (I was going through a phase). Riding boots is definitely my go to especially for the winter!
11.Jacket or Hoodie
Jacket for sure. Im loving the new trend of a moto jacket. I have got to get me one soon! Hmm maybe one with leather chic! 
 13.Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe
This girl is a Charlotte Russe lover for sure! From the prices to the clothes, you can't go wrong. Forever 21 has cute clothes but I almost went broke in that store trying to get 1 outfit ugh...never again!
12.Abercombie or Hollister
Abercombie I guess. I dont really go in these stores. They have really casual clothes(simple clothes) that are cute but for the price...nope!
14.Saks 5th or nordstrom
Nordstrom stores are always on trend. So if I was to go to either one I would go there but I am a cheap spender so it want be anytime soon!

Well thats it for THIS OR THAT! I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little bit more. Two thing you probably learned from me is that I want summer to come(like now) and  I am super cheap! I love a good bargain. I know I can look just as good going to a lower price store getting a bunch of clothes and  saving a bunch of money rather than going to an expensive store buying 1-2 items of clothes that I probably wont wear but a few times. Dont go broke trying to be on trend. Wear what you love and love what you wear!

Fashion is all about having fun!!! Have a great weekend and great style!!!!

If you loved this tag, I tag you to share with me and others your This or That: Fashion Edition!!!!

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