A Happy St. Patricks Day Makeup Tutorial!

"St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic."
Adrienne Cook

Where is Lady Luck when you need her!
Well I think I found her in this new makeup look, I created!
With spring right around the corner I was inspired to do a makeup look for St. Patrick's Day. This holiday for me is all about bringing greens and yellows back into our life and with the weather so fickle we never know when spring will ever truly arrive.
Here I created a tutorial to get this lucky green make up look

Step 1: Apply a shimmery yellowish pale color on your entire lid.

Step 2: Add a bright green color on the middle part of your eye and take it out to the outer corner.
Step 3: Add a dark "forest" green on the outer corner taking it up to the crease in a "V" shape.
Step 4: Before we blend, apply a brown matte color above your crease where the dark green is. This will act as a transition color from the dark green and the highlight that will be placed on your eye brow bone later.
Step 5: Right below your eye brow (eye brow bone) place a light shimmery yellow there. You can use the same yellow you used on your lid or a gold eye shadow to really give you a glowy look
Step 6: Now its time to blend, blend, blend. Blend until everything comes together smoothly.

Step 7: For more added affect, put the yellow eye shadow or gold on your lower eye lid from the inner corner toward the middle. The darker green will go from there to the outer corner.
Step 8: If you want you can add false eyelashes or you can just put on tons of mascara to really make your eyes pop! Also if you feel the need add black liquid eyeliner to create a cat eye look.
I hope you love this look as much as I loved creating it!
If you liked this look and want to recreated it share with me on my FB page here!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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