Freedom 101: Breaking Free

Picture yourself in a jail cell, locked up, chained up with the heaviest of chains. Chains so dirty, ragged, and old that some the particles of the chain scrape off against your skin and fall to the floor. You've been in the cell so long you don't even know how long you've been there. Has it been a week, a month, years, decades! There  doesn't seem to be a single light shining anywhere...but wait! A single light is shining through a small crack in your cell. You can almost see outside but the light is to bright. You have seen this crack for so long that you start think its a mirage. You feel so helpless but every time you look at this crack in the wall you feel a sense of relief, peace, happiness. You think maybe one day you'll get to see what is behind that bright light.

Fortunately I hope we never have to experience such captivity, such physical bondage. Unfortunately we may be still trapped mentally and emotionally and don't even know it. What I'm referring to is Spiritual Bondage. A spiritual  jail cell, spiritual chains that seem to go with us every where we go. Never ceasing to remind us of where we are, who we was, and how we used to be. Spiritual bondage can keep you from your dreams, from forgiving others or from being the real you. You let fear, depression, loneliness, forgiveness, and so much more get in the way of you breaking free from those dirty ragged old chains that you have been carrying around for so long. You allow the darkness to shade you from that single crack of light that seems to give you peace and joy.

 That light is the Lord and he is waiting for you. He is waiting for you to get up and start breaking those chains that has held you bound. He wants you to start chipping away at the jail cells of your mind. You can break free from your  lifelong captivity to enjoy the peace and happiness that has been waiting on you from day one.

Do you want to break free from fear, depression, failures, unforgiveness, or any thing else that has kept you unhappy or problems that has kept you from doing more for yourself, that has left you feeling discouraged, having the fear of worthlessness looming over your head? I know how it feels to feel unworthy of happiness, I know the feeling of fear when God has given you a vision. I know how it feels when your failures seem to outweigh your success. I know how it feels and I don't know about you but I'm tired of being in bondage to that feeling. Its time for peace and joy to come our way!

Where do you begin?

Prayer is the most important aspect of breaking free.
Ask God to help open your eyes to the problems in your life that has held you back. Ask God to help you be aware when ever you sink back into that problem.
Read your bible!
God created this book as a guideline to living your life. God gives you plenty of examples where people have been held in bondage. Look at their faith, look at their trust in the Lord. Model your faith by what you have read.
Talk to others!
If you keep things bottle inside unable to breathe you just let that problem brew until it bubbles up inside and exploding to anyone and everyone and its never in a nice way. So talk to a friend, talk to a family member, heck talk to yourself out loud! Talk to yourself as if you have someone with you. Answer back with truthful words not lies that just  make you feel worse. Encourage yourself! When you talk to others listen to their advice and never ever block it out thinking it could never work for you. You never know unless you try.
Trust in the Lord!
After you've don't all that you can trust in the Lord. You have the armor of God built in you. You know how to pray, you know the scriptures to bring you wisdom, and you have someone to communicate your problems with. You have everything you need to trust in the Lord.

Now this is not going to be easy it may take months, even years but I would rather be trying, trying to break from those chains than just lying their waiting for someone to come rescue you. You are your own rescuer, you have always been there. During your journey to break free you begin to grow in your faith, you begin to learn how to trust god. Your faith grows stronger.

 I can do this, You can do this, We can do this!
 Pray it, Read it, Communicate it, Trust God!
"Suddenly there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shake. At once all the prison doors flew open, and everybody's chain came loose"
Acts 16:26

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