Happy about Spring!


"Cant nothing bring me down, My levels to high to bring me down"
- Pharrell Williams

      We have so much to be happy for and not just because its International Day of Happiness! Pharrel  Williams created the "happy" song that makes anyone just want to be happy! It makes you want to dance all day and now that its spring we can get outside and blast this song, moving to the groove!

      Spring fever is here once again time for rejuvenation and growth, a time for new experiences and who cant forget the warmer weather. Yes warmer weather is back once again...well for some anyways. It is over 60 degrees where I live today so I can't wait to get outside, take a walk with my family and really enjoy this day. I can honestly say I'm happy!

I love the spring weather, I can start pulling out the short sleeves and putting away those heavy coats. I can finally get out my bike and go for a long stroll without freezing my butt off! I'm excited to be outside experiencing the fresh air, hearing the birds chirping as I wake up in the morning, and feeling the cool warmth on my skin. Just the simple activities of spring makes me happy.

In the comments below tell me what makes you happy about spring! :)

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