Kim Kardashian inspired look!

Snowing in the springtime...for some reason its just no surprise anymore! Well when there are snowy days and no where to go I love to just play in makeup,(hmmm am I the only one that does that). Probably so, well as I was browsing through some pics on the internet, I came across this classic look from Kim Kardashian 2011 Christmas Card look. I love trying new things so I decided to try to recreate her look and also practice putting false lashes on(still cant do it but practice makes perfect!) . So take a look, this is just an inspiration look so no tutorial.

Do you think you can pull this look off, I know you can! 
Try it out ;)

Snow time + playtime=makeup time!
Darker red lipstick looks great with this but I didn't have any ugh!
In Need of a makeup shopping spree!
If you want me to do more of these celebrity inspired looks let me know in the comments below.