Microwavable Success


What Type of Success are you Looking for?

"Success doesn't come in a microwave sometimes you gotta get out the slow cooker!"

Yesterday I received an amazing message from my pastor that left me completely in my emotions. I just had to tell you about it but first lets give you a backstory...

Lately I've been feeling down about my dreams. Feeling as though my dreams are too big for me. I even felt almost ashamed to tell people my dreams! I hear the judgement not from others but from myself. "How can I be successful in life living in a small town, I might as well forget about it," or "My personality and my shyness will not get me far." I here these negative thoughts in my head constantly. Looking at where I am makes me nervous...what if I can't do it? What if my dreams are too much to handle...

Yes those thoughts have constantly crossed my mind, to many times to count really. But yesterday I was reminded about the dream that God put into Josephs heart. You know Joseph, the one with the amazing coat of colors. Joseph faced many obstacles and many were against him...I mean his own brothers were against him for goodness sake! So that made me think, there are always someone who will hate on your dreams. There are always someone bringing you down at some point. But there are also people that will encourage you or stick up for you. Those are the people you need to listen to, not the naysayers. In Joseph case Reuben and Judah was the ones to stick up for him.(Genesis 37:21 & Genesis 37:26-27)

"Here comes that dreamer!" they said to each other. Come now, let's kill him and throw him into one of these cisterns(pit) and say that a ferocious animal devoured him.
Then we'll see what comes of his dreams"
Genesis 37:18-19

Joseph was in the pit with no way of getting out. I wonder if he had thoughts like me. Did he start to believe his dreams was too good or too big to be true? Was his faith diminishing as he sat in that pit, in the darkness? So many times we as people have dreams that are too big to handle,(btw thats when you know it's God) We may not know how to start the journey to success or we may know but fear has gotten in the way so many times. We are afraid of the rejections, the judgements, the negative comments from people and ourselves. So we stay in the "pit," not moving because we are scared of what others will think. Joseph was in that deep pit while his haters were up eating peacefully, not having a care in the world. They believed his dreams was never going to come true after they had attacked him and set him up for failure. Did Joseph believed that his enemies had won?

In the pit we normally think our enemies have won. We begin to feel ashame of our dreams. Afraid to tell the world what God has put in us. When we are in this pit or the darkest moments of our life these are the moments where becoming steadfast in prayer and looking to God is of high importance. We need to look to God for encouragement, trust, and faith. 
God knows your dreams will come true and although it is taking forever, it will happen!

Success is not microwavable, we can't set a time and expect it to be completed. Sometimes a slow cooker to success is what's needed in order for your dreams to ripen, to become tender, and ready for you. The best success stories are the ones that take time. WAIT on the Lord and he will make your success worth it!

You can do it!
Ideas to keep you motivated in reaching your dreams!
  • Make an inspiration board or book of all that you want to accomplish!
  • Create inspirational messages and post them on your mirror so that you can see it daily.
  • Wake up everyday saying you are going to accomplish one new thing today. 
  • Every night think of 3 things that you are grateful for.
  • Meditate on your dreams. Imagine yourself doing the thing that you love. Walk a day in your dreams!
These are only a few ideas that have worked for me! In the comments below, what are some ways to keep you motivated? I need new ideas ;)


  1. Great post jazmin, I'm not a religious person but the whole message has a lot of meaning to me, i'm a person who likes to follow her dreams. I come from a small insdustrial town in mexico too, where i use to live every girl wants to marry an engineer, i decided to be an engineer, then somebody told me being a blogger was a waste of time because bloggers from mexico are never noticed, so i decided to open my blog and after 5 months i've received many opportunities and getting to know a lot of people not to mention all the fun. I think as long as you keep dreaming and working to do great things you can do it!
    I love your ideas at the end of the post my fiance and I have a wall in out bedroom filled with frames with positive thoughts it is a great way to remind us to keep dreaming, enjoying life and loving each other!

  2. I can't believe how much you just helped me, I needed to read this. I have been thinking the same lately, I live in a small town, I write in English even though I'm Spanish and I live in Spain, how many opportunities could I get? All these thoughts were constantly in my head. I try to catch myself thinking that and change them into positive thoughts, but sometimes it's hard. This post was a blessing for me and it will be saved in my bookmarks from now on!