5 Tips to Flawless Skin!

We all dream of having a flawless face but lets be honest no one has perfect skin. I have been told plenty of times I have a flawless face but little do they realize that makeup is one of the biggest components to my "naturally" flawless skin...not to mention drinking tons of water! Nothings wrong with wanted to enhance the  beauty that you already have, so here are my Top 5 tips for flawless skin....with makeup!

Tip 1: Always wash your face before you begin. This helps smooth out and get rid of any unwanted junk on your face. I wash my face with Noxzema and finish it off with  an invigorating scrub.

  • Noxzema is a deep cleaning cleanser that helps to clean your entire your face completely from dirt, oil and makeup! Its really an all in one cleanser that way you can skip the makeup removers.
  •  Derma E Microdermabrasion scrub this item came in my May Ipsy Bag  and let me just say I'm in love! The first time I used this scrub, it left my skin so soft, tingly and it reduces acne scars and wrinkles! 

Tip 2: It is important to start off with a great face primer. Face primers are just like a base coat for your fingernails. It helps the makeup adhere to the skin making it last all day long. Primers can minimize lines  and pores for a perfect complexion. Primers can help to moisturize the face but I suggest having a nice face lotion such as Ponds to really moisturize dry skin  a few minutes  before applying the primer.

  • A great idea for a glowing look is to look for a primer with illuminating properties.
  • For people who are prone to oily skin, use a matte primer. Matte primers help keep oil residue down. I'm still in love with my Cover FX Mattifying Primer from my April Ipsy Bag

Tips 3: Now its time to put on your foundation or BB cream. Using a damp beauty blender is the best way to apply these products. It leaves an airbrush look to your face without the price of air brushes!

  • I’m in love with the L’Oreal True Match foundations. It blends into my skin perfectly. They have an array of skin tones ranging from cool, warm, and neutral! 
  • Also Maybelline Fit Me Foundation is good for beginners as well especially if you don't have the latest brushes you can just use your hands!

Tip 4: Conceal those dark spots girls! Look for concealers that is 1-2 shades lighter than your skin for your undereyes and a shade that is almost like yours for your dark spots.  Use a patting motion to really get the products to stay without causing creasing.

  • To make this easier I prefer getting BH cosmetics concealers palettes. They have an array of options and if your a beginner you can learn what looks best on your skin! 
  • Also try a concealer with highlighting properties such as Rimmel Londons Match Perfection 2n1 Concealer and Highlighter. This brightens up your under eyes and you can also put this on the bridge of your nose, center of forehead, and center of chin. This makes you a Glowing Beauty! 

Tip 5: Time for that top coat...Face Powder! A face powder helps set everything for the rest of the day. Use a fluffy powder brush to lightly tap on the powder and your flawless look is complete.

  •  I love the Covergirl  face powder. This is my holy grail item, I've been using it ever since I started doing my makeup and it has never failed. If its not broke don't fix it, Right! 
  • Sometimes I also like using a translucent powder for a natural look without extra color, check out MAc Prep+Prime Transparent Pressed Powder  or for my beauties on a budget try WetnWild Translucent Powder. 

Now put on the rest of your makeup and get ready to rock the streets, flawlessly! 

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  1. I have to try a BH Cosmetics Palettes because I can never find the right shade to cover my dark spots. Thanks for the useful tip.
    ßerry ♥ Stylish  

    1. Your welcome and YES I started off with BH Cosmetics Palettes when I first got into my makeup obsession lol and now I just can't get enough! Thanks for reading :)

  2. Wonderful tips!! Thanks for sharing these. Your skin looks amazing.

    Keisha xo

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