Eve: The Mother of all Living

    And Adam called his wife's name Eve; because
    she was the mother of all living."
     Genesis 3:20 

      Eve was and is the first mother, the first wife, the first woman that was ever created. She was made out of the image of God. Femininity, gentleness, love, and care exuded the personality of this woman. Although we hear mostly about her weakness and failure to temptation we tend to forget the many accomplishes that she had given to this world. Because of Eve we know what it means to be a woman. 
      Looking into the Eye of Eve

      The First Mother
      People tend to overlook the important aspects of being a mother.  Eve was created for a purpose so great. Born of no mother or father and with little understanding of what it meant to be a mother, Eve stepped up to become the Mother of All Humankind. As women we have to step up and become the very image of Eve. As we become mothers those aspects become more prominent. Not really knowing anything about motherhood, Eve created Cain, Abel, Seth, and many more children. Due to her sin, childbirth was painful. No one was there telling her "Women do this all the time, you'll be fine." She had no idea how painful it would be. No one was there giving her a baby shower and congratulating her. She had no books to understand the importance of caring for her children. She experienced the joys of motherhood and even heartache of motherhood for the very first time.

      What it means to be a Woman
      Eve experienced everything we as women and mothers experience today from heartache, temptation, marriage, childbirth, motherhood to even becoming a grandmother(or great grandmothers possibly)! She lived through everything that a woman had to go through and because of her we are able to do the same.

      A lesson Learned 
      One thing we have to learn from Eve is that we must put God first in our life to be able to be the type of woman God created us to be. When he is first in our life, we are able to accept the role of a woman.
  • When you experience heartache, temptation, childbirth, and so on who do you rely on? 
  • Are you trusting God to help you deal with your problems as a woman, wife, and mother?
  • If you are a mother, how are you handling being a mother?
    • We will never be the "perfect" mother, wife, or woman, not even Eve was  "perfect," but finding out who you are is a process just like it was for Eve. Start by putting God first in your life, it's then we can become the wife, mother, and woman that the Lord would have us be. We can begin to handle the joys and heartaches of womanhood. 

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