Precious Moments: Birthday Weekend!

     I had such a fun weekend that I just had to share. Many of my followers of C.U.B(Color U Bold) know that it was my birthday, May 18, but not many know what I did for my special day. First let me mention that my mom's birthday is the same day! I love having my mom's birthday with mine we share a special bond that no one can take away from us. We think alike and we always know what the other will say we are like twinsies/besties! So as you know I love makeup so you know I had to do my mommas makeup this weekend. She felt so beautiful and glowed as such too...check out these lovely pics!
     This weekend we went to the beach and my family knows I LOVE the what better way to have a birthday! The sand, the ocean, the boardwalk...I wish I could go back right now! I can remember it like it was yesterday...the ocean breeze so relaxing as I lay on the beach with my feet in the sand, the sun hiding behind my umbrella, slightly peeking out from above warming up the side of my leg. I look around and see families out playing in the sand, making sand castles, kids playing in the ocean determined to get closer out into the ocean at the same time trying to scare their parents! I look at the older kids playing frisbee and laughing with their friends. I even see some girls in the side of my eye twerking to the music on their phone! Everyone is having so much fun and I realize I wouldn't have it any other way. The beach makes everyone so happy, I mean who would be sad and depressed on a beach...NOT ME! We visited so many awesome places such as the aquarium! I've never been there before and it was absolutely amazing. I was up and personal with a shark, whaatt!

 Spending time with family is all I needed to get out of the funk I was in. Laughing and playing in the ocean can make anyone happy. So as I was leaving to come back to the small town I live in, I was left with a lesson to remember:even though life can throw you tremendous waves and the waves will definitely knock you back and forth, life can also throw you some of the most precious moments. Whether its the sand in between your toes, walking the beach with your mom, or the best sunrise of your life. The littlest moments and the biggest moments matter the most, embrace them, hold on to them so at times where you are feeling down you can always remember those awe inspiring moments :)

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  1. What a fab way to spend your birthday...I also love hanging out with my mom :) and doing her makeup.

    Keisha xo