Whispers from God

"Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known."
Jeremiah 33:3

My 23rd Birthday is this week!!!! Turning a year older makes me happy and a little nervous all at the same time. Will I become all that God has destined for me? Let me explain...

Last week I had a moment to actually look back over my life to see where I have come from. A lot of bumps in my road I must admit. Plenty of failures and plenty of success but as always I focused on the negative part of my life. I focused on the fact that I spent a couple of years doing something I didn't want to do. Something I thought would satisfy my life in this small town. Something that would give me a stable job. In a small town you tend to look at the "now" instead of the future! I wanted so badly to love the work that I was doing, I had some good days and lots of bad days. I would come home after a long day feeling defeated, filling less than but I guess thats what nursing can do to someone. I hear that a lot but my heart just was never in it. I became less of the person I was each day. The things that I used to love was no more. I tried to love it, I even prayed to God...begging God to help me love this amazing form of work. I failed multiple times not realizing that that was my whisper from God. I decided to try again deciding that this was my year of success but at last it was too much to take. My God said it was enough! When I finally admitted to myself that this was not my calling, that is when God started to show me my true calling. 

God began showing me all the possibilities that this calling could have for me. I was afraid, fearful.  "My
personality...who I was could only get me so far"...I said to God. "How on earth will I be able to
make a living doing this," I said.  Sometimes we may not know why God does the things he do, why he makes us the way we are. Why he puts the most awkward(me) people in the position he does! As I was thinking to myself the other week I became depressed, it seems like all the people from my highschool was going on  making a life for themselves...good or bad! Everyone was graduating from college, getting married, or having babies. I was happy for them! But I on the other hand was still figuring myself out. I could have continued on the path I was on but that path was gonna lead me to a very depressive life and I wasn't about to have that. God whispered small things into my heart. Things that could place me outside of my comfort zone, things that would take me outside of this small box I was living in. Before this I had a goal...become a nurse, get married, have children...thats it! Those was my goals...WOW! Now my goals are endless, my greatness is unimaginable to great for my own good but God says it is possible. He made me believe again. He made me see there was more to my life.

Although I'm not where I should be I'm so grateful I'm not where I used to be. Yes I have had plenty of bumps in my road, my path was looking pretty dim and grey. All I seen was rainy days ahead. Now I see a path full of bright skies, birds chirping, and the brightest sun imaginable! Im not saying that I want get in some rain, heck I'll probably run into a lot of rainy days on this path. But a path that doesnt scare me, even a little bit or a path that doesn't make me question my sanity, I don't think I want to be on that path! So as I turn 23 I'm not going to look down at where I am, Im going to look up to God! God continues to whisper in his still small voice...even now!  When you know the calling on your life is more than you can handle look up to God, he will speak to you!

"And when you turn to the right

or when you turn to the left,

your ears shall hear a word behind you, saying,

“This is the way; walk in it.”

Isaiah 30:21

When You are doubting what you are hearing from God.
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