Happiness Depends on You!

Happiness is what we all strive for but for some people happiness seems a lifetime away. We see tons of self-help books about how to be happy...I've even read them! Lately I've been reading "Happy for No Reason," by Marci Shimoff! But all of these books come down to one thing HAPPINESS DEPENDS ON YOU! If you want to be happy, you need to make it a conscious effort to make that a reality. Im not saying that its going to be easy...no not at all! I am saying that life would be a lot better for you if you begin to see life in a more positive mindset. I myself have always been the pessimistic type of person, always looking at my cup as half full. This was how I reacted to life because of my life experiences. When life seems to always get you down, you start to see life as if a battlefield, fighting for your life.

An Example to changing your mindset
I've been trying to lose weight for a long time and have failed multiple times. I do great on the week days and then my whole mindset changes come friday! I gain almost all the weight I put on and plus! My mind was always set that way so I never thought I could ever change it. I was tired of gaining and losing so I started to change my mindset. Instead of thinking that I DESERVED to eat what ever I wanted after a week of eating like a rabbit, I decided to give myself just one nice meal(nothing to junky but something that I like) or I would create a healthy dessert like ice cream with chocolate syrup (yum!). I had to change mindset from negative to a positive. If I kept saying I can't, I would have never known what I could do!

In this example I wanted you to see that YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR MINDSET! It took me awhile to get it worked out but I'm doing it. So instead of saying "I'll never be happy, I'm just not that type of person"  start saying "I am happy, I deserve to be happy and I'm starting today!" Little changes can turn your bad day into one of your best days of your life!

Happiness Stealers
Complaining- Instead of complaining about life woes start focusing on the solution.
 Change it or Change your attitude!
Blaming-Instead of blaming others for the way you are, look for the lesson to why this happen to you.
Become a Victor, not a Victim!
Shaming-Instead of shaming yourself, making you feel less than, start making peace with yourself.
Except your past, its your Past for a reason, learn from it!

I challenge you
  1. When you begin to complain, I want you to be aware of it. Ask yourself why you are complaining, is it really legitimate or are you complaining for no reason. Fix the complaining before it becomes a problem. 
  2. When you begin to Blame others, I want you to be aware of it. Ask yourself "What did I learn from that person. How did they change my life." This is tricky!!! You have to think of something positive, relying on the negative aspect of a lesson will get you know where in life. 
  3. When you begin to Shame yourself, I want you be aware of this too. Ask yourself "Why am I speaking so badly of myself. I'm such a unique person, put on this earth for a great purpose. I deserve to love myself now!"

In Conclusion
These challenges is all about being aware of the problems that steal your joy, peace, and happiness. When you begin to see(I mean really SEE WITH YOUR MIND) these problems you begin to fix them! I have been doing these for a while now and I must say I have become a happier person. I don't look to my negative thoughts for assurance. Meaning I don't believe everything that I think!

Break the bad habit and become a  happier person!

IN THE COMMENTS BELOW---->  Which one of these happiness robbers do you need to work on? Declare to yourself that "I,    Your Name    ,will become more aware of the problem that steal my joy, peace, and happiness. I deserve all the happiness that this universe has for me, not tomorrow, or the next day but NOW!

Make a conscious effort to become happy, Your level of happiness depends on you!

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