Life is Short, Stop Complaining!


Change your thinking, Change your attitude and Thank God for what you have now!

Life is to short to be complaining, blaming, and shaming! Many of us have so much to be thankful for whether it's family, friends, good health, natural senses(see, hear, taste, touch,), and so on! If you got a job, food, and/or a place to're pretty lucky! It's time we start appreciating the things we have now instead of wishing and hoping for more. Nothings wrong with wanting more and you deserve more but when you're constantly complaining about where you are now, how are you going to act when you get to where you want to be? 

"In EVERYTHING give thanks"
(1 Thessalonians 5:18)
Even if you're facing some unforeseen circumstances and obstacles along your journey, you can always find one reason to be grateful! We don't usually thank God for our problems but we must learn how to thank God inspite of out problems. Look for the good in all situations! 

"We enter into God's presence with praise and thanksgiving"(Psalm 100:4)
If you're just barking orders to God about what you "need" and not praising him during the trying times than you're not really getting anywhere. 
Spend more time thanking and less time complaining!

Challenge yourself Today!
1.Every morning when you wake- Thank God for the basics things in your life (health, living, family, love)!
2.Every night before bedtime- Give God praise for another successful day of being alive!

In the comments below tell me one thing you are thanking God for right now :)

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