Lorac Cosmetics + Hautelook Review

So a couple weeks ago I went on Hautelook, you know just browsing never ever been on it in my entire life! Of course I went to the beauty section and lo and behold my eyes set on Lorac Cosmetics...they were on sale! Alot of the products went for very cheap unlike the actual site. Naturally my heart fell in love with the gel liners! I was so hoping to find a black gel liner because the one I have is as hard as a rock (cheap product). Unfortunately it was not on sale. I've always wanted to try lorac but my wallet said other wise so when I seen a lot of them on sale I went a little crazy I must admit. The gel liners are originally $19 I got it for $5!!!! I found the best gel liners that I knew I would wear all the time. The gel liners I selected were cobalt blue, copper, and black ruby!  I also wanted to get a powder foundation because I was already "hitting pan" on my cover girl foundation powder. The original price is $36 I got it for $5!!!! Also right now for this powder in "dark" is $6 on there site, I don't know why the others aren't but HEY if your are lighter you can use it to contour!!!!

I received my products in such great timing (2 weeks) and of course I had to try them out!
The gel liners are so pigmented especially the blue (my favorite). In this look I just put all of them on lol.
I winged them all out just so I can see the looks together! 
  • The cobalt blue is on top.
  •  Copper is on the bottom lid. 
  • Black Ruby is underneath the copper.

The powder foundation is very nice. It doesn't break me out and goes perfectly with my skin even better than my last foundation! I can pack it on with the sponge that comes with it or most of the time I use a brush to lightly dust on my face. Im so in love with this product and I never want to be without it NOW! 
 I absolutely love everything that I bought. The gel liners doesn't fade or smudge! I would even say its waterproof almost so they are great for summer too! The powder is my holy grail item now and I really want to get my hands on some more products from them. Maybe next time I'll get a black gel liner because those gel liners are the BOMB! 

Recommend it or not!
I would definitely recommend these items to anyone although the products are a little pricy it's really worth it! They last a long time and are great quality products!!!!

Link it, Buy it!

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