A Work in Progress!

Heyyyy everyone, I just wanted to write this post...well because I haven't wrote one in a while!

So I want to first apologize for not being consistent with my blog post, seriously no excuses! But I have been working on future blog post and even a giveaway! As you can tell I have changed my design for this blog and I'm so pleased with it so far but that doesn't mean I'm finished with it. Im such a perfectionist it totally took me over a week to finally actually decide to change it! I kept going back and forth between ideas. Trying to decide the "perfect" colors, the "perfect" layout, the "perfect" font. I just wanted everything to be perfect!

 I had to realize that everything wasn't going to be perfect but a work in progress. So here ya go my new design and though it's still a work in progress, I'm very pleased with it! I appreciate all the feedback from it and I would love to continue that feedback here! So leave a comment telling me what you like and what needs improving.

As always I like to give a little inspiration in my blog(I'm cheesy like that). 

I know you want things to be perfect, maybe its the way you look, the way your career is going, the way a relationship is. We all want things to be perfect but we must realize that life is not perfect...Our life isn't perfect! Life is a work in progress, relationships are works in progress, the way you look is a work in progress. We tend to downgrade ourselves and our purpose because we compare ourselves to others. When creating this new design I began to compare myself with other bloggers, their types of camera, their layout, their fonts and so much more. I had to realize that the way I am is different and THAT'S OK!  So keep pushing forward, don't quit, and stop comparing yourself to others. 
We are all a work in progress! 

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