Motivation Mondays: Dont Give Fear Another Thought!

"What I fear Comes upon me, and what I dread befalls me."
Job 3:25

Fear has been a big part of my life for a long time and I'm sure you all understand that problem too. Fears of the past, fears of the now, and fears of the future is a constant reminder that I think wayyyy to much! Lately it came on me in an underwhelming way. Not even realizing it I became obsessed with this one thought. My whole life became infected like a plague. Worry, fear, and self-judgement came over me like a dark cloud. I began to think more and more about this thought  to the point where I would have panic attacks. This was a sign that I needed to check myself...starting with the way my mind was set!

One single thought provoking fear caused me to obsess, caused me to be anxious, caused me to devalue my own life. I began to think that my life was no good, no reason to live, and no purpose to my own life. Although many times God has shown me visions of my future. A future filled with blessings, success, happiness and yet one thought crossed my mind and changed all of that. 

I'm determined, I will no longer allow negative thoughts to control me!

Many people often time dwell on the negative things and then wonder why life isnt going so swell! Our minds are set in the wrong direction, our mind is so focused on what could go wrong that we forget about all the great things that could go right!

"You cant constantly think thoughts of worry and fear and expect to have any kind of victory in your life"

Although negative thoughts bombard our mind on a daily, we must be sure of ourselves, sure of God, and sure of the fact that we are Enough. We choose whether or not to make those thoughts come to life. You may not realize it, but you are actually believing for your negative thoughts to happen. You can control what goes into your mind and how you react to it! You can either close the door of your mind at the first sign of worrying or anxiousness, or you can continue to dwell on it...YOUR CHOICE! 

Focus on these 3 Key Points this Week:
1.Choose to dwell on the good things-Reject the negative thoughts, focus on the good.
2.Meditate on positive thoughts-Your constant thoughts will determine what kind of life you live.
3.Don't give the enemy an open door- Don't activate the enemies power, activate God's power!

Unless you change your thinking, you're going to get just what you're believing for!
Choose Wisely What You Give Another Thought!


  1. I was praying for something like this thank you for doing this :D God bless

    1. Im so glad this inspired you. Keep pushing forward and never let fear take control of your life!