July Ipsy Bag: Sensationally Sun Kissed?!

Ok so I'm a tad bit late on this review but hey, better late than never right! I got some amazing products this month and I got some not so amazing products this month sooooo lets get into this bag shall we!

First off how cute is this bag! Mix with my favorite color (Pink) and this adorable pattern on the edges totally adorable!

My top fav's in this bag!

1.Benefit "They're Real" Mascara
After seeing tons and tons of videos and reviews on this mascara I wanted to get my hands on this mascara. I was very estatic to see that it was in my ipsy bag!

  • Pros

1.With one coat, I get instant volume for my short eyelashes. I feel like a doll afterwards!
2.With the extended ball of spikes on the end, it allows me to coat my bottom lashes making them appear super long, I'm almost speechless. Love it!

  • Cons

This mascara can dry lashes very easily so coat those lashes fast gurls!

2.Tints & Sass 
I've always wanted to try out lip and cheek stains but never got the nerve up to do it! So when I got my Ipsy bag I was very pleased to see this item. With dark skin I do suggest putting on more to really give a slight flush to the lips and cheeks.
  • Pros
1.The cheek stain last all day even during strenuous activity.
2.I love that I can build up this stain without over doing it.
3.This is a great way to add color to your face with out putting a lot of makeup on!

3.Bare Minerals 5 in 1 BB Advanced performance cream eye shadow 
I really like this eye shadow primer, not only can you use it under other eye shadows but I can also use it alone when I just want a natural eye look!

  • Pros

1.It stays on all day without creasing or smudging!
2.Comes with a little SPF for your eyes, Bonus!

Products that were BIG No-No's in my bag!

1.Hang Ten 08 Dark Tanning Oil
OK first off its a tanning oil, and as you  know I'm tan enough! So I haven't even opened this bottle up maybe I can give it to one of my friends! It is water resistant and has SPF 08 which isn't much compared to other tanning lotions but its sure to get you tan. I have gotten one other product from this line which was the Sunscreen lotion and I really liked it, I used it at the beach! So don't let me steer you way from this product line!

2. Lavilin Jojoba Skin Soother Gel Cream
This I simply disliked with a passion, but lets look at the pros of this item. It has Jojoba which has very good healthy benefits to it. This products normally is used for intensive physical activity as well so maybe that's why I can't get into it. Here comes the big con of it all...It STINKS! Literally it does not smell good at all. So if you are going to put it on I suggest wearing it only at home...don't go out with this on unless you want people to say something. It has a intense after smell to it that makes you make an ugly face...Not Cute!

Final Thoughts on this Bag!

  • The bag itself is super cute and I use it when I'm going to be staying over night somewhere or just when I have to bring a little extra in my purse for the day!
  • It had 3 great products in it that I absolutely love and have been wearing every day since I got it! 
  • The 2 products that I absolutely hated will definitely not be reused or opened! 

I would rate this July Ipsy Bag a 3 out of 5!


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