Pay Attention to Me, Not My Body!

Try having an intelligent conversation with someone, a man particularly, with a low cut shirt on or an extremely tight dress on...yeah it won't work!

Back in the early 2000's trends such as cropped tops, low rise jeans, and a thong showing was the
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biggest and greatest fad to ever hit the fashion scene...well according to society anyway. Everywhere I turned from the tv, movies, celebrities, to the girls in my town was rocking this trend. I on the other hand was striving to lose weight so that I could be those girls, sad fact! I seen how they would get noticed by the men and even women! You seem to be cool when you worn barely nothing. I can't count how many times I seen a girl bend down and all I seen was skin and a thong! The boys would oggle over it and would turn around just to watch them walk down the halls...this was in middle school people! It was like they were putting their bodies on display for guys to just stare at like a piece at an auction or something!

I tried to pull off some of the low cut shirts, I admit! However the entire time I was tugging and pulling up my shirt I felt like a piece of meat. Maybe its just me but I refuse to be labeled as a piece of meat. I stopped going with the crowd. I made my own fashion statement. It may not have "brought all the boys to the yard" but I felt more respected and I felt like a lady not a peice produce! 

Did you see the VMA's and the EMMY's this week apparently the VMA's was not sexist at all but the little skit here with Sofia Vergara's was extremely sexist....WHAT! She had on more clothes than Beyonce and  Nicki Minaj combined! So how is Sofia's skit more sexist than Nicki Minaj being smacked on the buttocks by Usher while performing! Ok you heard my spat about our Oversexulized Nation (here) so I'll leave that alone ;)

I would like to know when I'm talking to a guy he's actually listening to me. I like to know when a guy is crushing on me it isn't because I'm wearing a shirt that shows off my cleavage or a short skirt that could easily be accessed. Those features will fade, what will he love then? Will it be your laugh, your smile, your great sense of humor, your the list can go on and on! 

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What drives you to dress the way you do?
I understand some women may feel that wearing tight clothes may make them feel sexy but the question is WHY? Is it because of how the media portrays it, how you get more attention from guys, or do you truly feel most confident in it because of YOU not anyone else? Ask this question for yourself.

I don't think SEXY only means showing off your skin, its more about what makes you feel good!

In the comments below tell me what makes you feel, you feel sexy! Is it those baggy sweatpants that you wear all the time or the cute maxi dress that shows off how long your legs is? I want to know what you think!


  1. This is a great post! I feel sexy just being in my own skin. I don't think I have to show skin to get attention or to stand out. Confidence and knowing your worth is sexy! Thanks for sharing! I look forward to exploring your blog!