How to Be Thankful Everyday!


Day to day is a uphill battle. Situations can sometimes bring you down and you may fill that life is to hard to handle. You may feel that things will never get better, "I've done all I can do, its no point." When we constantly think  negative thoughts, we bring negative situations into our life. I want you to experience all that God has for you. When we think positive thoughts, we bring positive situations into our life. I'm not saying that situations do not arise but its how we handle the situation that will determine how it goes. Lets turn these situations around for our good!

I challenge you today and from this day forward to think of 3 things, if not more, that you are thankful for. Wake up each morning before you hop out of bed, before you step one foot out of that bed, just whisper to yourself what you are thankful for today. I want you to dwell on those things throughout the day. When bad thoughts come into your mind, I want you to immediately think of those 3 things. We must learn to reprogram our mind, in order, for success, happiness, peace, and abundance to follow. Fill your minds with victory, hope, and faith so that you can get all that God has in store for you!

"Give thanks to all opportunities, that even our struggles bring."

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Tell me 3 things you are Thankful for!


  1. Nice list. Well, I wrote 5 on my own blog today. But, the top 3 are:
    my ads finally getting approved
    walking in the rain
    I finally got better after not being okay for a week

    1. Thank you for sharing, Great minds think a like! I've been reading your blog, You're such an amazing writer!!! Im in love with your Single Life Series ;)

  2. Lovely post