TBT: Fashion Flashback!

Ok today I'm taking it back wayyyyy back....to the 1960's!

In the 1960's women began pushing boundaries in terms of fashion. They went from conservative and reserved to crazy psychedelic in the late 1960's. From super bright colors to short skirts the 1950's style vanished bringing in a much revealing fantasy land!

Lets take a moment to relive where it all began!

Geometric/Color Block Trend

The Shift Dress

The Pant Suit

TBT: Fashion Icon
Her androgynous look took the world by storm. Women from all around wanted her look not to mention her long legs! She helped get these iconic fashion looks a name in the fashion world. You can't forget her look she was unmistakably the look of the 1960's!

The 1960's Motto:
"Do Your Own thing!" 
People had a choice in clothes and accessories(which is a whole other topic in itself). Women were not constricted to long skirts that touch their calf and boxed dresses(which may I add is never really flattering).  They finally had a choice in what they wanted to wear from mini skirts, cool patterns, bright colors, and even pants. They could now wear things that hugged their curves! This was the start of a new fashion generation..."a do your own thing kinda generation!"

In the Comment Section: What are your favorite looks from the 1960's that you still wear today? Do you think I should make this a series reliving some of the fashion from back in the day? Leave your comments down below!