Top 5 Totally Relate-able Memes for Makeup Lovers!

Its Hump day so I wanted to do something a little different just for laughs :)
Today I share with you a few of my favorite memes that I've seen this week! These photos are so relate-able to all the beauty lovers out there! So sit back and laugh in total agreement because these Memes are absolutely, completely TRUE!

1. I seen this on my Facebook news feed and burst out with laughter! Thats the face I always want to make! Embrace the makeup, Ladies!

Guess the Beauty Guru?

2. Don't people realize what us makeup lovers do for this world!
3. Ahh I get soooo excited when I see an online sale for my favorite makeup brand. My heart begins to race as I look at all the discounted makeup that's on sale!
Spongebob's Faces are the best!

4.This happens to me all the time! I get so angry (literally)...thats extra work!
Makes you want to crawl in a hole, Right!

5. Every time I get an Ipsy bag in the mail...MUST TRY ON EVERYTHING!
Every time my mom walks in my room!

In the comments section: Tell me do you agree with these Memes? Are you a relative of a makeup lover or a spouse to one, have you encountered this?


  1. Totally relate! Especially to #4 :D

  2. Hi Jasmine, I really love memes :)
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    Have a nice day!
    A french girl :)