Why I started Blogging

We as bloggers have tons of reasons why we start blogging. Whether its your passion to write or something to just help feel up spare time. Whatever it is we must make the most out of this platform that we have.  We have a chance to inspire, to motivate, to help someone out with any particular problem that they may be going through. We create content that can bring a series of emotion to someone. 
Whether it be laughter, tears, calmness, even anger, blogging can influence a person's life.

Why did I start Blogging?

Well lets first start with why I never thought in a billion...a zillion years that I would ever blog let alone have the passion to write and actually let someone see it! Yes I wrote back in school, I was ok. I never wrote a best selling story that got featured in school...yet again a teacher did speak to my class about something I wrote. Maybe I am good! Anyways all I'm saying is that I was never that "writer" in the class. I sucked at punctuation so I always got lower grades but my story telling was pretty alright!

OK back to why I started blogging. I was going through a lot of things at the time. Particularly college wise,  I lacked passion for anything and everything. I didn't know what I wanted to be other than what I thought would get me by in this world. An opportunity came about where I wasn't to pleased about, I was left out in the dirt with no place to go (figuratively speaking). I had no idea where my life was going, I was merely living day to day without a purpose...without drive but then came an epiphany, I could be somebody! I could do something more than what I was good for...which at the time I thought was nothing. I started researching some of my passions, what was I good at? I loved makeup and fashion, so I absolutely loved going on Youtube looking at my favorite beauty gurus. Then I started looking at some of their blogs and then I started researching other bloggers and I said to myself...I CAN DO THAT TOO!

So that's where it all began...a single thought...A single "I can" thought!

It all began with one single thought! I'm proud of myself, I never knew I could dish out so many freaking blog post...that I was actually proud of! I get inspiration from the smallest of things whether it's a quote I read or a day I had that brought on a lot of emotions, good or bad! I always knew I had a creative mind, when I was younger I loved making up little stories in my mind. I never thought that maybe one day I would share my own thoughts with you guys!

God really does blow your mind sometimes!

 I found a passion that I can spread to the world! I know this is only the beginning, I know that there is so much more. I'm expanding! I'm Learning! I'm growing! Such an amazing feeling wouldn't you say?

I may not be the best writer and my punctuation and grammar still suck but I did say I was growing, right! Continue with me on this journey. Help me inspire the world, help me to inspire YOU!

Tell me in the comments below: 
What was one of my blog post that you really liked? What did you like about it?


  1. I write from the heart too, but I've often wondered if maybe I shouldn't. Seems like anything 'real' is ignored or overlooked these days. *sighs* Oh well. I love it and find writing therapeutic, so I doubt I'll stop soon either way. :)

    1. I so understand where your coming from! I cant help but to write what I feel at the time. It relieves my mind and maybe even helps someone else in the process. Either way I'm happy lol!