Fall Wishlist 2014!

Ok no matter how much I want the summer to stay, unfortuanatly it has gone away...that rhymed ha!

Today I wanted to share with you a few items that I'm craving to get, my Wishlist! I've been saving big time so I feel like I deserve a little shopping spree! If you want me to give you some tips on budgeting and saving let me know in the comment section, I gots lots of them!

So here you go...MY WISHLIST!

1. Navy trench coat from Ebay here
This Jacket is amazing! I seen one of my fave youtubers Valarie Alemany featuring this in her haul video here and I had to find out where she got it from! I am in love with it and I need it in my life seriously though!

2.Midi Rings from Forever 21 here and here
I've been needing new jewelry for a long time so why not start small and CHEAP with these adorable goodies! So cute and soooo me!

3. Black Combat Boots from Forever 21 here
Not just any ole combat boots...these got heels! And if you don't know about me click here you would no why I need them haha! But come on they are fabulous with jeans or a dress...A fall must have!

4. A Simple Black Crossbody Purse from Forever 21 here
Its something about a simple black purse that I just love. So Classy, So Chic!

5. Jogger Pants here
OMG these looks so comfortable right! I can dress them up or down and those combat boots would look perfect with them!

Well there you go my fall wishlist! As you can tell I love Forever 21 haha and I have a very simplistic style but I know how to make it work! These styles not only carry you into fall and the winter months but they also can be worn year round...well except for the jacket but hey its your prerogative if you do! I like to buy things that I can wear for years to come, I'm a savvy chic shopper!

So tell me in the comments below
What is on your fall wishlist?

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As always thanks for reading!

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