My Beauty Wishlist!

I love shopping for makeup its like being in a candy store for me! So you know I had to do a beauty wishlist!  Tell me in the comments below
What beauty products do you want to splurge on!

 This is supposedly the makeup dupe to for Urban Decay's Naked 3 Palette. From all the reviews I've read its sure to make me happy besides I'm not the type of girl to spend $50 on makeup. I love makeup but not that much to go broke! This Palette is only $4.00!  
I seen a youtuber put these 2 lovelies on their lashes and I watched in amazement at how much they lengthened. I'm a mascara type of girl so I don't mind spending $19.00 on these 2 products!
I've been needing some new makeup brushes in my life so why not stick with what I know. I've been using BH Cosmetic Brushes ever since I started to find my love of makeup! I know I need to try others but their brushes are always tried and true my true holy grail makeup company! These brushes retail for 19.95 not a bad deal for 10 high quality brushes!
OK I want to really splurge on this item. I've heard about it and now its time to put it into action. I love my Maybelline  Fit Me Concealer but its time to take it up a notch! This Concealer is $20.00!

What is on your wishlist?


  1. The Too Faced fiber mascara... skip it. Seriously! It makes your lashes look like spider legs, which is so unattractive, and the fibers fall into your eyes and it HURTS. I tried using this for a week before I returned it. Not worth it!

    1. Younique 3D fiber lashes have a sealing coat so the fibers stay put on your lashes. Made from green tea fibers, all natural and they work so well.

    2. I've heard alot about them. Definitely need to try it out! Thanks for reading!

    3. Thanks Jenny for telling me about that! Oh but it looked so beautiful on her...Maybe I'll have to mark that off or get a sample to just see lol