My Everyday Makeup + How I do My Cat Eye!

My everyday look has changed dramatically from eye shadow overload(but in a good way) to a simple cat eye. When you're always in a hurry, like me, this can be life changing! I'm telling you I can do this look in under 10 minutes and that's amazing compared to what it used to take...*cough cough 15-20 minutes* I'm really loving the simple cat eye. Some days I go big and bold and other days I stick to a small "kitten" eye...MEOW!

My Everyday Makeup 
My foundation routine or lack their of!
I rarely use foundation unless I want to be fancy so during my casual/work days, I usually go simple with a little concealer like Maybelline's Fit Me (as you can see I use this wayy to much) and a translucent powder like MAC's Prep+Prime! No creasing and it last seriously allll day long! I also do my brows with a brown pencil and a brow tint...but I'm still trying to perfect it, ugh...the struggle!

My Eyes and Lips routine!
I usually do this pretty quick unless I want skyrocketing eyelashes, I love L'oreals Double Extend Mascara(here)! I love this blush(here) by BH Cosmetics, the color is so beautiful on my skin and the highlight is divine! When I'm feeling fierce I'll take out a little bold lip color like pink to really spice up my look! And my fave look right now is the cat eye...or the Feline Flick as I would say! Check below on how I have come to master the look!

The Feline Flick
It took me the longest to finally get comfortable doing the winged eye look. One side was always perfection while the other side looked like a cat actually did it! I finally found a way to make it work for myself. I love using Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner(here). It's so precise and it last all night long. I've even slept in it and it was still in place the next day! So here you I do my cat eye!

The purpose of a cat eye is to use eyeliner to elongate the eye, like a cat! By doing that you add intensity, and the effect of an instant eye lift! Who wouldn't love that right?!

Want to know how I get my Flawless Face?
 Here's My Flawless Face Routine-Click Me

Question of the day
Do you like a bold cat eye or itty bitty kitten eye ;)


  1. I can't not do a cat eye with my liner, my hand just won't accept it haha. Love yours, so clean and neat :)

    Jasmine // Magpie Jasmine

    1. haha I know the feeling, I was terrible with liquid eyeliners in the beginning. Don't feel bad my had still fidgets from time to time haha! Btw I love your blog!

  2. Love the cat eye! It literally takes me 20 minutes and I still won't be happy with it haha


    1. Haha I know one side either is too big or too long! There's just no in between ugh! Thanks for reading!