Ode to Instagram

The beginning of something new. 
Yeah I may be a little late on this social media train to Instagram. So what the first picture I post was a road. You may ask why a road?
Well it represents my newest journey. The journey of endless filters.
 The journey of infinite ways to create the perfect selfie... 
From the pic of a coffee mug between your hands saying "keep calm and carry on..."

...to the simple perfection of a meal you just ordered.

The ability to share with others a picture that says a thousand words to endless hashtags that says way to much! Oh the joy of Instagram! I have no idea what I'm doing and I may use way to many filters that completely change the look of my pictures. I may take way to many selfies with quirky sunglasses or I may just show that I'm a really unhealthy food lover. 
It's my story to share with the world it's a new beginning.
Want u join me?
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I want to get to know you too!
Get to know me a little more as I get to know you a little more! I would love to learn a little more about all of my readers so please leave your instagram names in the comments below or just follow me and I will follow you right back!!!


  1. Hey!!!
    So happy you jumping on the Instagram wagon, you'll love it.
    PS: are those the Prada sunglasses from The Lady Gaga line?? I was so close to get one for myself but then I didn't :( either way they look fab on you.

    1. Haha me too! It's been a long time coming! No they aren't but its so cool they could be knock offs! I stole them from my mom haha ;)