Whats in my Travel Makeup Bag + Tips!

 I finally get to have a vacation after a nonstop working schedule!!! When I say I was tired, girl was I TIRED! So I decided to go with one of my friends to her old college...Old Dominion University (ODU for short)! Amazing place by the way. So when I was packing for my 3 day vacation, you know as a girl and makeup lover at heart I had to figure out what was important to put in my makeup bag. I always tend to bring wayyy to much so I said to myself..."Girl you need to learn to limit yourself!" So I did and I think I did a good job for me anyways...Check out whats in my traveling Makeup Bag PLUS gets some tips that helped me!

This Makeup Bag has saved me so many plastic sandwich bags and lost products haha!!!
 Love it!

My Must haves in a Travel Makeup Bag
  1. Foundations and blush brushes: Pick 2 good ones that you love! I have 3 brushes: 1 Brush is for my translucent powder and the other foundation brush is for my powder. Then I have a blush brush! All three of mine are from BH Cosmetics here!
  2. Travel Makeup Brushes: Small brushes always get the job done when  you only have a small space! Go for ones with dual ends like BH Cosmetics here and here!
  3. BB cream or foundation: I love BB creams for when I want to add an extra something, something!
  4. Powder: Powders are perfect if you want to had little coverage or alot of coverage, it just depends on your preference.
  5. Concealer: I love to kinds a regular concealer close to my skin color and then a highlighter concealer to really make me look awake!
  6. Eye-shadow Palettes: I love palettes especially one that comes with a brush, BONUS! You can try diffrent looks, I would say stick to a natural color range to save time though.
  7. Mascara and Eyelash curlers: One thing I cant live with out! In the mornings I just curl my lashes and then at night I'll put o some mascara for extra volume and length!
  8. Blush: I always stick to one kind for the whole vacation. I'll love one that has 2-1 a highlighter and a blush like this here!
  9. Lipstick and Lip Liner:  I usually stick to a lip tint but if I want to be fancy I go for lipstick. I love nude lips so I would say bring one of those and then a bolder color like red!
  10. Eye liner: Another thing I cant live without! Go big and bold or small and timid! You can even pick a diffrent color like in navy blue or purple!
Tips for the perfect Makeup Bag!
  • Plan out your makeup looks: Yep just like clothes you need to plan out your makeup looks. Go for simple looks!
  • A simple feline flick will save you so much time: Yes I'm obsessed if you need help learning how to do a cat eye click here for 3 easy steps to the perfect feline flick!
  • Travel sized makeup brushes and dual ended brushes will save so much space!
  • Look for Palettes: Small Palettes of eyeshadow, concealers, or blushes will help you decide what makeup look you want to go for that day!
  • When it comes to lipsticks stick to the basics: the perfect nude is so on trend now and it makes you look fab without doing to much!
  • Don't stress too much, you are beautiful naturally so rock your natural face for a day too :) 

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  1. Girls like to wear makeup even at home. They always want to be pretty.