A Girls Guide: 10 Essentials for Winter Survival...Skin Care Edition

Winter is almost here...ugh! I don't know about you but I'm so not ready! But if you live in the middle or northern regions of the US you are already experiencing the winter wonders. Don't worry I got you and I both covered with my 10 essentials for Winter Survival...Skincare Edition!

1. Shower Less! 

  • I know that may sound gross but hot water can strip the skin of needed moisture in the cold. So I suggest taking showers less than 10 minutes. This could also help in getting you to work on time ;)

2. Exfoliate Regularly 

  • Exfoliation is key to removing dry flakes on your face and even on your body
  • If you need a good alternative to expensive exfoliates I like using a cleanser with baking soda! Leaves my skin so soft and flake free!

3. Moisturize Like a Boss!

  • Your skin needs all the moisture it can get, so while your in the shower stick with a moisturizing body wash and when you get out and before you dry yourself off, use a body oil to lock in that moisture! 
  • Face and Body lotion should be thick and extra rich. Body butters are great because they are thick and creamy not to mention they smell fantastic!
  • Moisturize 2 times daily...morning and night!

4.Treat them Lips!
My lips are ALWAYS dry! I hate it but I always have a good chap-stick handy.

  •  For those who are always losing their chap-stick try the EOS Lip Balms their big and who want would lose them, their so adorable!
  • I also like to do a nice lip scrub once or twice during the week. I like using honey and sugar to exfoliate plus it taste so good!
  • Put chap-stick or Vaseline on your lips at night to keep them soft for when you wake up!

5.Get Greasy...but in a good way of course!
Oils are great for the winter. They really lock in the moisture and leave you feeling super soft throughout the day.

  • Try coconut, castor, or my favorite vitamin E Oil! I love putting these oils on at night.

6.Waterproof your makeup!
The winter cold days where the wind is blowing and unbearable our eyes can get teary. Living our face a black smoldering mess and not in a good way!

  • Mascaras that are waterproof will not have your mascara running all over the place.
  • Go for waterproof eyeliners to keep your look lasting all day long!
  • Use Liquid based foundation instead of powder. Powder will just leave your skin looking flaky...and that's not cute!

7.Treat your hair with extra care!
During the winter our hair can become dull and lifeless.

  • Argon oil have become the new trend for oils lately but you can try  coconut, castor, jojoba oil, or olive oil. 
  • When using heat use a heat protector this will help lock in moisture especially at your ends. Pay close attention to your ends!
  • Find a shampoo or conditioner with hydrating benefits.
  • Deep condition your hair. You can leave it in all day and then wash it out or get under a hair dryer. Either way deep conditioning your hair will rejuvenate your hair and make your hair stronger during the winter months.
  • After you wash and condition your hair don't forget to put in a leave in conditioner. This helps with hair breakage, locks in moisture, and leaves your hair soft and shiny!

8.Give your feet some love!
I know its so easy to forget your feet in the winter but its important to keep them soft and manageable all year round.

  • At night I love to lather my feet with Vaseline and put on some cozy socks. When you take you socks off your feet are ridiculously soft!

9. Never stop using SPF!
This is definitely one thing I tend to forget but yes SPF in the winter is still important.

  • So lather up before you go outside!

10. Water is your best friend!
Yes you all hear it but it's true! Water is everything especially during the winter.

  • Drink lots of water when you can 
  • When you can spritz some water on your face and hair. This helps hydrate the face! Of course never spritz water over that perfect makeup that you worked so hard on ;)

So here you go your 10 skin care essentials to surviving winter! Now when winter gets here you will be better prepared to tackle those blistery winter days...YOUR WELCOME!

In the comments below
Do you have any essentials for winter that I missed, maybe I can get some tips from you all!!!


  1. Awesome tips!! I really need to exfoliate more often...it's the one part of skincare I'm lazy with :/ I also looove EOS lip balms! My lips have been crazy dry lately since it's starting to cool down, and I keep one in all my bags! Btw, you look stunning in that photo!! Makeup tutorial? :)

    From the Desk of J

    1. Thank you so much! Yep exfoliating really makes the face look more refreshed and brightened! EOS are awesome, I'm loving the mint right now! Thank you for the compliment and I do believe a tutorial is on its way ;)

  2. Such a good post, your tips are on point. :) And yes to #5..coconut oil is your friend!


  3. Great tips! I learnt some new things! Have a wonderful weekend!
    ~xo, Carina